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    No need to taste it - it's equal to buck smell!!!! :rofl
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    I agree 100%

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    Another way to utilize the brine idea. I got this trick from a lady who has milked goats for over 40 years.
    She made the brine solution on the stove then let it cool and then poured it into clean plastic watter bottles .Then kept them in the freezer in a zip lock bag so they can be kept clean.
    Then put them down in your milk bucket and when the milk comes into the bucket it flows over the frozen bottles and it cools down very fast.The bottles half way float so they are suspended in the milk.
    It does take away from the amount of milk you are able to hold in your bucket but it does cool the milk fast. I kept 2 bottles in the freezer for each does I was milking and changed them out as needed when milking.
    I also used them in my Stainless pails for storing until I could get it strained etc.
    Worked great no one ever complained of goaty milk at all
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    When I was growing up we lived on a tiny farmett. I had a horse and a few other animals, but I really wanted a dairy goat. My parents got me a wether we kept on a tether until he tried to hang himself and then he went out with the horse and they loved each other. My best friend had some dairy goats and I had never had goat milk so I asked her to bring me some. Back then we rode horses everywhere so one day she rode her horse to my house and brought me a GALLON of freshly milked goat a plastic the summer...did i mention she lived ELEVEN miles from me?? ...but it was only seven if she swam the horse across the river, which is what she did. Anyway, I had my first and only taste of goat milk until my adulthood. I was devestated. I really wanted a dairy goat, but couldn't justify getting a goat when their milk tasted like sour pond scum. That was over 24 years ago, and all that time I thought only really special people could drink goats milk, you know, like people who didn't have tastebuds or who grew up drinking stale beer and trough water from a bottle...those kinds of people.
    Shaking milk while still warm...really bad idea.
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    :yeahthat :rofl Excellent explanation of why milk needs to be handled carefully!!! Thanks for the laugh too.
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    If you super saturate the brine solution, it won't freeze solid over night in the deep freeze. Get the water boiling on the stove, keep adding salt and stirring until it won't take any more.

    We keep our brine bucket and the clean milk bucket for the next milking in the freezer. We rotate two milk buckets, so there's always a clean and dry one ready to go into the brine bucket and into the freezer after each milking.
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    The super saturated brine solution worked well...excellet actually. I made up some baby bottles of brine solution and I plan on placing one 5 oz. bottle in the milk bucket itself at tonite's milking....can't wait to see how it goes. I have a small bin with a lid with the brine solution in the freezer. I just pop my 3 quart size jars of milk (yup that is all I'm getting right now) and it was 38 degrees not even an hour later. I just hope the baby bottle doesn't leak - salty milk yuck :)
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    With the alfalfa deal, I know a lady who feeds her goats alfalfa. She raises alpines and did have a nubian or two. We feed the exact same thing except for the hay. I raise lamanchas and some grades(alpine, saanen, nubian crosses) and one alpine whose milk always tasted nasty(low butterfat and protein levels yuk). Was it the alfalfa or was it her goats milk in general. She takes really good care of her goats so I don't know. Everytime I go over to her house and have some of her goat milk I have to drink it really quickly since it tastes like musty old buck. Her bucks live a ways away from her does and mine live right next to my does. So I don't know.
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    could be the milk handling or the grain or who knows but it wouldn't be alfalfa
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    I normally do an ice water bath, but the brine method would really cut down on prep time.(You know, first making the ice cubes, freezing,etc.) Just sticking a tub of super saturated brine solution in the chest freezer to immerse the milking buckets sounds like it's a real time saver.
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    I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing the brine idea. You have saved me so much time and energy filling up those ice trays.

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    I second that, THANK YOU - my milk is officially at 38 degrees in 30 minutes :)
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    There is a vast difference between stirring milk and agitating it. The agitation is what causes the off flavor particularly in some breeds. Gently stirring a vat of milk will not produce bad taste if the product is clean and from animals that are fed properly and not on the verge of Ketosis... gently stirring your milk will cool it more rapidly and not produce off flavor. You might put the milk in smaller containers to achieve your desired level of cooling.