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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Truly, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Truly

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    We so often post all of the bad stuff happening with our goats, I thought I'd post some good news.

    And this news is about Astoria, who I had so many frustrations with b4 she kidded.

    She kidded on 1/8/8. She is giving over 7lbs of milk a day. As a first freshener I am impressed. She will be 2 in May.

    My heard is young. My oldest doe, Abby, will be three on 4/10. She will be having her 3F around 4/1.

    She gave between 7 & 8 lbs on her best days last year. 8.5 was about the highest she went. So Astoria giving 7lbs is very pleasing to me.

    Maybe more of you have good news to share about your herd. :D
  2. Halo-M Nubians

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    Just got my last biotracking results for the year. Everyone is pregnant. Even my 9 yr. old with the bad teeth who has been having a hard time (she is on senior horse grain now and doing MUCH better) also my doe who lost her first pregnancy and I wasn't sure if it was infection or what but she is pregnant also. Plus a few others..everyone should freshen before appraisals! Yeah!