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    Several months ago, we purchased our first dairy goat. A first freshened one year old lamancha grade. She has toggenburg in her lines several generation back. The first two to three months the milk tasted fantastic. The last month or so the milk has started to taste very goaty. We did not change our milking or storage process. She has however been getting more browsing time due to this time of year. Her diet is still mainly 3rd cutting alfalfa and pasture grass with some small amounts of various weeds like dandelion and clover etc, that are lightly dispersed throughout the pasture. The first several months we had her, her diet consisted of 3rd cutting alfalfa and timothy hay, not much browsing to be had with the colder weather. Through early to mid spring she was getting a fair amount of browsing in and the milk tasted good.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
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    Assuming no mastitis, good general health, and adequate minerals. Then I would be checking coldness of fridge, clean milking items for milkstone, and checking pasture.

    Something in the pasture would be my guess though. Some years we notice more of a change in the milk taste than others.

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    What is she getting for minerals?
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    The worst tasting milk that I had came from a bad batch of alfalfa hay.