goats and hot wire ?

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    We worked on that fence all day, and redid everything. The light on the charger said it was working, the fence tester said it was working but when my husband would grab hold of the fence he could barley feel it. After about three hours I convinced him to call the hardware store and after hubby explained it all to the guy then the guy asked hubby if he had rubber soled shoes :blush hubby took off shoes (muck boots) touched fence and ZAP. OK so now you'd think problem solved---wrong :tearhair goats come over to investagate lipping the wire and nothing happens, I'm trying to get hubby to touch wire again but he said no way
    (big baby) :p Now I'm about ready to say the heck with it since I already have new nonclimb and the hot wire was just so they would get used to it for when I let them out in a different area. I decided to try one more thing, I dumped the water bucket by part of the fence were they like to jump on the gate--bingo it worked!!
    The water must have made a better ground for them. Their hoofs are not long but they do have some rubbery stuff on the bottom, think maybe thats the problem as some said ? and the water just gave them a better ground??