Goat walking on her first joint and legs look bow legged

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    I have a baby pygmy goat that was given to me, yesterday, because i could not stand to leave her where she was. :crazy

    She is about 2 weeks old. Eating wonderfully, running, playing being mischievous everything a normal little goat kid should be. This issue is new to me, we have never had this issue on our farm, so far. She walks on her knuckles(or knees, first joint) of her front legs. Acts and looks like they are bow legged. It doesn't stop her one bit from being active like the other 2 kids i got from this lady. My question is what can i do to help this little girl. I am taking her to the vet this afternoon to find out because i am thinking selenium or copper deficiency or some other deficiency of some kind. The lady i got her from said she started this a couple days after her momma abandoned her. They said the momma gave birth, turned around sniffed her and walked away. I think Momma must have known something was wrong with her. Anyway, all joints move like they should, she is not stoved up where they cannot move normal and if you work them, she will stand on them kind of straight but her legs are bowed. She hugs onto your arm like a baby would hang on. Any suggestions on what to do?
  2. Was her dam copper deficient? I've seen bowed legs on severely copper deficient goats.

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    Hi, could first please click on your forum profile information, scroll down and fill out your signature, look at Adrienne's above mine. Name, area of the country and breeds of goats.

    In this instance, area of the country....likely she needs bo-se injections, which is selenium and vitamin E, giving her more E orally via little 400 IU capsules of E from walmart for people, just snip the end and squish the oil into her mouth once a day.

    I would brace the kids legs with pipe insulation and vet wrap, so she doesn't permanently injure these tendons while you work with her.

    Welcome to the forum! Vicki