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    I have an interesting situation....

    Several years ago I sold a few spring milkers to a lady who never took those goats out of my name. Last year she had all bucks so it didn't take long for her to realize that 4 legged kids drink a great deal of milk. I breed her does for her. She has just contacted me to ask me to take the kids at birth because they want the milk. I am ecstatic because the does she has are very nice brood does and were only sold due to space limitations. I really like this family and have bred these does with the best genetics I have. Of course, I want those kids!

    This family does not have a herd name and are not members of ADGA. The goats have been marked sold on my information to ADGA for milk test and LA.

    Comments or suggestions on how to handle this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just had this happen last year, a doe was 'sold' she kept the doe in my name and kids born came here...so when I went to register my doeling it said she was not owned by me, she was owned by nobody :) So I just called ADGA said I had in error put her has sold when in fact she and...named the other 15 or so does who are just like this, on lease. I keep alot of paperwork for others for various reasons. Lease is an option. Vicki

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    We had something sort of similar last summer. Gal purchased 2 does from me, but had to sell her other goats (CAE La Manchas) before she could buy mine, nor did she want to bring them home until the other girls were gone. (She ultimately sent them to the sale barn, thank goodness).

    Anyhow,by the time she came to pick up the girls she had decided that she wanted a different doe (more $$ ) than one of the girls. I was OK with that and
    sold her the goat of her choice. However, in the meantime, I had faithfully filled out my Linear Appraisal sheets and sent them in...and marked both does as sold, but in reality, had retained one.

    Called ADGA. They told me to just tell the appraiser. He would appraise the one we had and mark off the one that was sold.
    Then the next time, I was supposed to mark the sold doe as sold.

    You are very fortunate to have a "satellite" breeder. Hopefully you can keep more does by having them live at her house as a lease! Lucky you! :D