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  1. A few years ago my sister dated a guy who's parents owned goats. She brought some goat milk from them to try. We all tasted it and it was NASTY. It had a bad taste and a bad after taste.

    Well today I went out on a limb and tried Delilah's milk. I was expecting it to be gross. I made my niece try it first. She said it was good so I took a tiny sip and then drank the rest in the glass. YUM!

    I can't believe I liked it. I don't like cows milk. I got a cup once and it was spoiled. Ever since then I can't drink it unless its chocolate milk.

    So just wondering can goats milk be used in replace of cows milk in different foods like mashed potatoes or gravy ect ect?

    Thanks. :) I look forward to using the milk this year. :)
  2. paulaswrld

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    Use it just like cows milk....it's just better! The ice cream I make with the goats milk is way better than when I used to make it with cows.


  3. Sondra

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    I use goats milk for everything in place of cows milk
  4. Awesome. Thanks!!! :D It will save money this way. Cow's milk is too expensive!!
  5. stacy adams

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    Welcome to the Club, Amy. Welcome to the Club.. :)
  6. Rose

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    She's a goat lady now!! WOO HOO!

    Yessum, you can use it in everything. Try pudding and ice cream SOON!