Goals for your 2008 goat herd!

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by NubianSoaps.com, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. NubianSoaps.com

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    To be down to milking 8 by summer. Not because I dried them up but because I sold them.
    To keep only 6 doelings.
    To get to some shows this year.
    To not purchase any goats, no matter how much I want a doeling out of......Robin or Tangy!!!!!! :)
    To not give back one deposit because I decided to keep the doeling, or the buckling or the milker!
    To cull ruthlessly and not keep a favorite just cuz I like her! Vicki
  2. Halo-M Nubians

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  3. Little Moon

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    OK. This is my first post on this forum and what a great thread to start off with - a new beginning/goals thread.

    To establish my herd and herd name.
    To move the goats safely.
    To acquire a super herdsire (that is in the works - fingers crossed).
    To participate in my first show.
    To be a spectator at Nationals.

    That's enough for now.

  4. whimmididdle

    whimmididdle Guest

    All doe's to kid with ease this spring, and no sickness of any kind.

    """"To not purchase any goats, no matter how much I want a doeling out of......Robin or Tangy!!!!!! """" V.
    :rofl Yea Right !!! Ain't neither one of you two gonna get pass this one.
  5. Josie

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    Hmm… goals…

    To build and finish completely new pens etc at the new house
    To go to at least ONE show
    To cull without emotion – lol!
    To learn as much as I can so that this year is a good one!

    I was drafting a letter for one of my bosses, the company’s HR director. She brought it back to me and pointed out that GOALS is spelled g-o-a-L-s not g-o-a-T-s. Ooops! :lol
  6. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    Culling and cutting down on most of my herd.
    Building show quality Nubians
    Saving my money to be able to pay for the new doeling I have a deposit on.
    Get my barns built
    Go to shows (which I really hate except to watch)
    Get me a small truck that is dependable.
  7. Odeon

    Odeon New Member

    To continue to cull heavily
    To NOT second guess my vision
    To NOTcovet all of the gorgeous bucklings that are born in other herds
  8. Narrow Chance

    Narrow Chance New Member

    To keep my numbers low, no matter how nice the doe.
    To attend more shows this spring, no matter how high gas prices. :rofl
    To have LA this year.
    To attend Nationals and at least make the top 20.
    And.. um.. keep selling milk products so DH won't have a cow at the expense of 'MY' goats. (although we could use another cow)
  9. baileybunch

    baileybunch New Member

    To be able to do fecal exams with confidence! :biggrin
    To be consistent in decisions and management.
    To have a vision!
    To finish all of the unfinished farm projects (fence, barn, sheds, etc.).
    To sell (and not buy back) without regret. :?
    To buy a refrigerator to store milk from 5 does!
    To figure out what to DO with all the milk from 5 does!
    To get a good Alpine buck so I don't have to take all the does to the breeder next fall!
    To have courage to take my girls to be appraised this spring.
    To reduce our feed and management costs. :sigh
    To have easy kiddings and lots of healthy doelings! :crazy (doesn't go with the above goal, does it?!)
  10. Ravens Haven

    Ravens Haven New Member

    To cut back on some goats..
    Keep only the best of the best...
    Go to Nationals...not sure to watch or to show...decisions decisions..
    Fence in more land...
    same as Rett...keep selling milk products so hubby won't gripe...

    I have more I just have to think

    need more coffee....
  11. stacy adams

    stacy adams New Member

    I love this Thread! What a great idea.. to put it down on "paper" Well my goals are..

    To cull heavily, ruthlessly & without emotion :really
    To keep my #'s at a managable one.. (what number is that!? :rofl
    To acquire a new herdsire (or two)
    Got to more shows
    Have the herd LA'd
    Build a milking parlor/kitchen/office
    Fence more property
    & like Baileybunch "To have easy kiddings and lots of healthy doelings"
  12. Karen Bailey

    Karen Bailey New Member

    To keep my #'s at a managable one.. (what number is that!?

    Only at this time of year I think I can milk more than I do after the does have freshened and I'm doing goat chores 3hrs/day twice a day! Then the number I'm willing to keep for the year goes way down, and I start finding faults with milkers. Last year I sold a beautiful show-quality first freshening doe that had a slightly uneven udder due to the roughhousing of her pen mate.

    My goal is to not make that mistake again this year!

    The new owner is thrilled with her, beautiful even rounded udder, and she's a knockout that I knew that cross would produce.

  13. To build the pasture fence
    To sell any wethers except Demi
    To research meat goats
    To breed Xenophen with Sandys line
    To keep only one doeling from Ava
    To have all the goats tested
    To have Demi John trained to the cart
  14. prairiecomforts

    prairiecomforts New Member

    Fence the back pasture and tree rows.
    Build a milk room and make iprovements on the barn.
    (I know it isn't goat related - but first thing will be to finish the bunny barn.

    I am promising my self to only buy 5 new animals this year. (Sounds good - doesn't it?!?) I want to take the childern to more shows and finally (if I can get the time from work) go to the SD state fair!
  15. LynninTX

    LynninTX New Member

    To cut to 14 milkers

    To get twin does out of Sweetheart (too bad that is out of MY control LOL)

    To add a purebred doe

    To get registrations transferred and buy a tatoo set

    To decide on a split kidding schedule for next year that does NOT involve January!
  16. Feral Nature

    Feral Nature Active Member

    I like some of these...so I will steal them as I see fit:

    (1) I want to "Cull without emotion". I would make better decions if I could let go more easily.

    (2) Make 2008 the Year of the Soap.

    (3) Obtain another deep freeze for milk.

    (4) Get 1/2 gallon jugs this year for milk.

    (5) Test entire herd again.

    (6) Fence in the rest of the back 8 acre patch.

    (7) Get free-range chickens under control...put most in freezer.

    (8 "Not second guess my vision"...this one is tough. Sometimes I get down and think my vision is just not do-able. Perhaps I am dreaming. But is that not what a vision is? A dream turned to reality with blood, sweat and tears? JFK said, "We choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard".

    Sometimes I think it would have been easier to have been an astronaut. We all had our chance when they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.
  17. Truly

    Truly New Member

    To do LA and learn where I need to improve.
    To build/make adjustments to fence and barn.
    To learn to butcher and grind.
    To make and market GM Soap.
    To make a schedule for supplementing and trimming.
    To plant an area for the goats to graze on.
  18. Thermopkt

    Thermopkt New Member

    1) To have a successful first kidding season. :groan
    2) To fence in the pasture
    3) Start improving the pasture
    4) Become proficient with fecals
    5) Still want to have goats by the end of the year :p
  19. stacy adams

    stacy adams New Member

    Diane, you crack me up! :crazy
  20. goatkid

    goatkid New Member

    This year, Gabriel's kids will be freshening so I can get a look at the udders he puts on his kids. I need to go through the milkers and keep only the best of them. A few of the older girls will have to go, even though they have become as DH says, "family members". Find Isis a home as a pet/weed eater. I really need to focus on breeding quality Nubians that will command the prices I see the well known breeders getting. Any new goats I acquire HAVE to be ones that will improve my herd. The one goal I'd really like to see happen is to finish a Nubian doe at the shows this year.