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  1. On 10/3/08 my doe herd broke into the Orchard Pen. Normally during breeding season I try my best to have a Nubian buck paired with a Boer buck...so that I have a chance of telling at birth who the kids are out of. In this case, however, it was my two Nubian bucks and my Boer dud.
    4 does were in heat......Over half the herd was already bred and four does just happened to be in heat that day. Argh!
    Three have kidded thus far. All with buck/doe twins. Three of the does were Boer cross does and one was my Nubian doe, Ursula. Ursula had a very striking doeling and a buckling that is almost identical to last year's buckling out of Rudy-P. However, the eyes are all Achilles. The vacant dopey look is all Achilles, so who knows without DNAing them...and in order to record that striking doeling I will have to DNA them. None of the kids are polled. At least I can be sure of who the daddy is to a polled kid. With only one Polled buck it makes it a lot easier.
    The last doe settled to that fiasco is in early labor currently. She is a Boer cross doe.

    I have got to work on fencing for breeding season this year. I have two solid penalty boxes finally. As long as there are no calves in it I'm good for when I hand breed.

    Ah well.

    I will post pictures of the kiddos this afternoon. You'll see quite a bit of black. That is what I get for having two Black Nubian herdsires.
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    Isn't that always the way. but to be quite correct you would need to do DNA anyway.

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    Yep, no guessing allowed. Ethically even if there was only one nubian and one boer buck, since the does had contact with another buck during the breeding season you have to DNA. My first Nubians were pen bred with two bucks, she simply told me that she could tell which kids were who's, sounded pretty logical to me and I know beyound a shawdow of a doubt now she didn't have a clue!

    Contact ADGA they will send you a kit, follow the directions then send in your money and the paperwork. It's easy. Vicki
  4. Oh yes. I understand if they broke into a pen with a Boer buck and Nubian buck I would still have to DNA but it sure would be easier to weed out the Boer cross babies before spending money. :lol

    In this case, Ursula's are the only ones even eligible for ADGA. And unless the breeder comes through for me, only the doeling.
    Ruth (Boer cross) kidded with twin bucks, both of whom appear to be polled...those are the only two I am sure on who the daddy is...lol. Can't be anyone but Rudy.

    Both my boys will end up DNA typed.

    Mostly, I trust them more than I should. :laughcry That was proven today when I took William back. I put him in the huge Orchard Pen for tonight with Rudy, John Henry (wether) and Cervantes (coming 2 year old Jersey bull) and less than 20 minutes later he was in the milking barn eating out of the feed cart. Grrr....so into one of the penalty boxes he went.