giving pregnant doe Pennicilin

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  1. My doe is 1 week from her due date and I just found where she must have caught the corner of her mouth on something. It is all swelled up and has some pus. Can I give her pennicilin or is there some thing better that can be given this close to kidding? THANKS!

    Mary Lou
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    I would just use something topical...udder infusions work really well and are cheaper on large areas, as is chlorhexideen. Really clean it well, then spray, it will crack and bleed at the corners, but I wouldn't think she would need anything systemic. Not sure if the freeze has anything to do with you not giving tetanus antitoxin for horrific wounds.

    Chlorhexideen and Fural both in jeffers are just wonder products. vicki

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    If you want some chlorhexadine and don't want to order it from out of state, Western Ranch Supply out of Great Falls has some generic stuff that is very reasonable. They have a website.I've seen Fural at Murdochs.