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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Sheryl, Mar 16, 2008.

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    I have a friend in MO. She raises Alpines. She has a doe that she has had for 5 years. Doe is upto date on worming, up to date on cd/t. No fever, no signs of illness. Acting normal as ever. This doe always for the last five years that she has owned her always given close to a gallon and a half each milking (twice a day) regular as clock work on the milking schedule. The doe kidded on Friday, had two bucklings. She is only giving a pint a milking. What could be the sudden drastic change? She damn raised babies on her last year. Not this year. Could that be it? I asked about sub clinic mastatis. She doesn't seem to think so. Udder is soft pliable, nice hardenss, no lumps. Everything seems normal with this doe. Of forgot she is a CAE positive doe.

    My suggestions were becuse she is positive? Maybe sub clinical mastitis? She does use the dairy wipes that are treated with the stuff to prevent mastits, and she does dip the teats after each milking, she uses a milking machine she washes out with detergent and bleach water between each milking. The only other thing I could think of is maybe she needs to wait til day 3 or 4 and maybe she'll come into her milk. Although this has not been an issue in the past.

    Any ideas? I told her I would ask everyone here. Kaye? Vicki?

    that's all the infor I have.


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    She may not have had active CAE before and now it is.

    Is it correct she gave 1.5 gallons a milking or 1.5 gallons a day ?


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    Did anything else change? Feed, hay, with the prices of everything alot of folks are complaining now about the condition their milkers are in at freshening and with little to no milk trying to grow them out pregnant and milking on grass hay.

    If this was from her CAE she would have come into a hard udder, and yes it does come in all of a sudden. We never saw problems with CAE in the does amount of milk, most of the does we milked in the early 90's were positive. It was their knees, hocks, pnemonia, arthritis that made them unmilkable and put down eventually, not the hard udder part of CAE, and certainly not a drop in production like this.

    I would wonder about her diet...

    And since most of us don't answer 3rd party questions like this, just 1st party questions keep us hopping :) Ask her to join. Vicki
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    I think it is the change didn't she move to AR last year from here?? change in feed change in browse /moving etc etc etc.
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    CAE can wreak havoc on an udder....but you will feel/see changes. Mine went from nice, soft, even udder to lopsided and lumpy. But she still gives about the same amount of milk as she always has. I would give her a week or so after kidding before getting real worried about the amount of milk she's giving.