Freezing Milk ???

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by whimmididdle, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. whimmididdle

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    Looking for the best way to freeze milk for preservation purposes.

    For those who you pasteurize and then freeze, or freeze raw and then pasteurize later when it is used. ?

    The problem that I am running into is that what we put up pasteurized before freezing, is really starting to separate quick after thawing.
    The milk that we put up "raw" doesn't separate near as bad, and don't have all the grainy stuff in it.
    This is for human consumption , if that matters with your replies.

    Alright old timer's, let's hear it.

    Thanks, Whim.
  2. Cotton Eyed Does

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    I would really like to know the answer to this too because I have done it both ways, cooled it quickly to begin with, done everything and I can't stand frozen milk. It all separates and has that grainy texture to it. We can't drink it after it has been frozen. Is it all like this to an extent and ya'll just learn to drink it like that? Great question Whim.

  3. Josie

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    I'm curious too. I've been told the "grainy" texture is from slight temperature change after freezing. Like putting unfrozen milk next to frozen milk in the freezer. Is this true?
  4. New Member

    I have no idea :) I freeze all my milk raw...milk the doe, strain the milk, pour into jugs, freeze. But I don't long term store milk in freezers with auto defrosts on them because the outside of the containter, freezes and thaws and freezes and thaws, really ruining your frozen food for the convienence of not defrosting your freezer once a year. You can't expect good quality colostrum to last a whole year with this type of freezer, if thats all you have and disconnecting the defrost timer is out of the question than keep your really good stuff, colostrum, my smoked salmon and the last of Tracy's Elk she sent me, in styrofoam inside your chest freezers.

    Having said that my milk doesn't seperate even kept in my customers freezers, and since I sell milk from 2 other sources theirs doesn't either. They would never come back for more milk!

    Whim the only pasteurised milk on my place is in the turkey fryer ready for feeding, this way there is no mistake which milk is or is not ready for feeding kids, not in the pasteurizer, not ready. I also freeze my heat treated colostrum in 20 ounce soda bottles ready for feeding with HT on the top, and nothing else in the freezer is frozen like that. Raw colostrum is frozen in liter jugs or 1/2 gallon milk jugs with colostrum written on it.

    I use frozen milk all winter for drinking, my kefir and soap. Vicki
  5. cmharris6002

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    My frozen milk is always as sweet and creamy as the day I milked it. I have never had it separate of get grainy. I have chest freezers without auto defrost. I immediately freeze everything that is not going to be sold or used for soap or cheese. Seriously there is no difference between fresh and frozen. I sell frozen milk too.

  6. whimmididdle

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    OK......yea, I'm not seeing near the problem in the milk that we froze raw......We marked all the bags to which is which, and then dated them. We also place our milk to the center of all the frozen stuff to where it never has that temp change like is said here...... Close to the walls of a freezer is what would feel this change the that is where the coils are located.
    Our milk still taste good, and everything seems to be OK with it....but it does kinda look weird after it sets in the fridge for a day or so without being mixed back up.
    I have a 4 month split in freshening this maybe I'll be still milking one 'til about now next time......If this holds true, I will have little need to freeze very much next year.
    Geez, that just reminds me that I need to get some filters ordered.

    Thanks for the input, Whim.
  7. KJFarm

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    I also have no problems with milk separating either raw or pasteurized. There are years when I don't kid out does for winter milk and I freeze milk for us to use, and we've never had any that wasn't good.
  8. Narrow Chance

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    Okay.. an old timer's oppinion. :rofl
    I have found that 1) milk, raw or pasturized freezes better and last longer in a large container. Gallon jugs work best for me. It takes no time for it to seperate in freezer bags. 2) I hear it has a lot to do with if you have a frost free or not a frost free freezer. I have both.. can tell for a fact that milk last longer in a not so frost free.
    And for what it's worth.. I have noticed that pasteurized milk tends to seperate more than raw. Might have something to do with me using more pasteurized milk, for the babies, than I do raw milk for us.. but I have noticed that.
    I also know.. that you can reconstruct those globby things back into liquid if you warm the milk and mix. Course.. some of that stuff just won't mix back. :nooo

    BTW... what helps me keep straight in the freezer what is my kids milk and what is our milk.. I color with green food color the kids pasturized milk. Causes me a lot of heartache.. and cause people to take a second look at shows when your feeding green milk. I just tell them that my hubby says they are eating us out of house and home.... so I might as well start them out on eating green early on.. :rofl
  9. Halo-M Nubians

    Halo-M Nubians New Member

    Those of you who freeze-do you just let it thaw in the fridge?
  10. Truly

    Truly New Member

    I don't usually thaw in the fridge because I want it faster than it will thaw in the fridge. I'm usually thawing to feed kids, so it needs to be heated anyways.

    I did freeze a couple of gallons in jugs this year. They are much easier to thaw than the ziploc bags as they don't leak.
  11. Chaty

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    I was wondering about this too I went to Wal-Mart and got 1 of their freezers there and they arent frost free either so going to give it a try this year since I have a jersey that will freshen in March...She is a big producer and wanted to freeze some this way I can keep things straight too...Thanks
  12. Sondra

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    I am sure that you would see a difference Whim if you had a freezer that wasn't frost free or put your milk in a styrofoam box inside your freezer. I don't care if it is in the center of other frozen food it still defrosts and refreezes on the outside edge. Besides which IMO you should be drinking it raw. I have both frost free and not and the not works much better.