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Forum Member's Businesses (other than goats)

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If you have a business outside of goats, you may post it here.

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Re: Forum Member's Businesses (Other then goats)

Magnetic Vehicle signs
Show stall signs or license plates
Allcraft Signs & Graphix
[email protected]
Re: Forum Member's Businesses (Other then goats)

I sure do!

I sell premium natural pet food. Flint River Ranch is oven baked and made with human grade ingredients (no recalls ;)). It's a great product.


My mom also sells organic herbal extractions she makes herself. They are very strong and work.


Hmm, I can also do websites, those are both done by me. :biggrin
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Re: Forum Member's Businesses (Other then goats)

I do custom wool and fiber processing. Can either start with fleeces you wash, or I can wash, pick, and card for you. Rovings and homespun yarn are available at all times. Also have English Angora rabbits and EA fiber available for sale at most times of the year. I also make hand woven rugs, shawls and felted purses in custom colors that can be wonderful presents for someone who has everything or as something special for you!
Re: Forum Member's Businesses (Other then goats)

I sell soaps, lotions, lip balms, and more.
I als sell custom made quilts, show banners, tote bags, etc.
Re: Forum Member's Businesses (Other then goats)

I sell Soap and Lotions. :soap I also am partners with my SIL doing photography. We are called 'Pic the Moment'. We do photo restoration, family momento videos from old photographs, class reunions.. just about anything related to photography.


The Dairy Goat part is up and working.. have not gotten but just a filler page or two on the Bath and Body side.

We pasture raise purebred Berkshire pork, Beefbooster cattle, Jersey family cows and, of course, our goats. On top of the Nubians we also raise Savanna x Boer commercial meat goats. I also enjoy web design, especially goat or livestock related. References available.

Want to have soap for your farmers market, or even family farm milk sales?????

Easy Soap Income...
But you don't have to make the soap!

Skip the trial and error of learning how to make soap. Or use your precious time on other projects. Here is a big-handful bar (6ounce) of pretty, high quality goat milk soap. Quality ingredients, coconut, shea and sunflower oils, clays and micas for coloring. Wholesale prices that insure you will make a profit! In dozens of scents, as natural as Mother Nature intends!

$3.50 (unwrapped) $4.00 bar (wrapped wholesale) which retail for $5.00-$6.95 or more. 36 bars ship $11 flat rate. Email Vicki McGaugh at [email protected] or call 281-592-3039 see the soap at lonesomedoenubians.com click on the soap button.

What our customers are saying:

These soaps are YUMMY!!!! A box of these soaps made my entire house smell sooooo goooood! Way better than any candle or anything I've ever used! And I have them all wrapped in plastic wrap! The bars
are HUGE! They didn't dry out my skin and I felt squeaky-clean!
Excellent price even if buying just one or two! Excellent customer
service as well! Liz

Adding Vicki's soaps to my table at the Farmers Market was easy and brought more interest to my table, which translated into more cheese sales. More customers asking about my goat products are a good thing. Linda

Once you use Vicki's soap you will be hooked, no more winter dry skin! I am just purchasing wholesale for my family. Sandy

We LOVE this soap. I have a house dog that has lots of skin allergies and I started bathing him in the Oatmeal goat milk & honey, his skin looks better than it does using commerical dog shampoos. And less itching. My Grandma won't use any other soap!!!!! Thanks so much we'll be ordering often. Jessica

Vicki McGaugh
Lonesome Doe Nubians est 1986
Nubian Soaps
"The Other WHITE Milk"
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Small Dairy Consulting

We now offer small dairy consulting services. The fee is $75/hour and we offer help with the following:
Site planning/ building design for Grade A licensing
Production of cheese and/or dairy products
Equipment selection (Pasteurizers, etc.)

...and anything else we might be able to help you with based on our experiences.

Contact info is on our website: http://blueherontexas.com/
I sell baby shoes. Top quailty name brands and cute cute. Check out our website:

Horse Training/Riding Lessons

Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Eventing, Basic Western
Breaking, Retraining, Fixing "Problem Horses"
Lessons ages 6 and up western or english

www.sunnydazefarm.com (this is my goat website, will have one for horse training soon)
Totally not an animal-related thing at all; I own and run Dermagraphic Studio, Texarkana's Oldest Tattoo shop. I've been in my present location since 1992 and have been tattooing since 1986.
Natural Hoof Care for horses, (and now goats!)
I have been trimming horses "naturally" for 5 years, following Pete Ramey and Jamie's Jackson's "wild hoof" methods. The hooves are mirrors of the horses total health, and so I look at the horse as a whole, not just the feet, in identifying problems or potential problems that may arise due to feeds, inadequet exercise, stall boarding etc. If a horse needs extra protection on rocky trails, or is tenderfooted from just coming out of shoes, etc. I carry hoof boots from easy care and can fit most horses with a set.
Please see my website at www.shantaranaturalhoofcare.com

In my "spare" time, I make goats milk soaps using coconut, sunflower, canola, and other quality vegetable oils. All liquid in soap is goat milk..no water is used at all. I have lots of varieties and do limited delivery of soaps and milk in my local area. See my website at www.shantaraacres.com
Buck Run Pottery

Please visit our fledgling website to see a few of the stoneware pottery items we make.
We have been full time studio potters since 1988 doing festivals and working with galleries.
We are working on more dairy related items lately and will post pics as soon as they are ready.
I have a new design for a covered cheese plate and Don has been making butter churns by special request. Also some goat portraiture on platters coming soon.
We also do French butter keepers for those of you who like room temp butter.
All items are functional and safe for microwave dishwasher and oven.
Thanks for checking us out and more pics soon!

Logo Design etc

LOGO DESIGN! Give your farm or business instant recognition with a logo that you can use on business cards, imprinted on clothing, put it on vehicles, letterheads, banners etc. Each logo is individually designed and custom drawn - I do not use "clipart". Two levels of design available - a simple one or two color design, or a complex multi-color design.

I love designing business cards and brochures etc too - not regular business cards, ones that stand out!!
I am also a sign-maker, making custom signs both vinyl and painted, hand carved etc.
And I make banners, magnetics, vehicle lettering and imprinted apparel (t-shirts, hats, show shirts, tablecloths, backdrop cloths etc)

I don't have a website yet but will be happy to send you pictures of my work by email if you're interested.

And be sure to let me know you're part of DGI to get those special prices :)
Thanks, Karen
I sell Goat's Milk Soaps, as well as, lip balms and candles. The candles are my sister's business and she sells Flameless, as well as, Soy candles.

I have also decided to offer up my knitting services to my fellow goaters and soap makers.
Add a soap bag or washcloth to your gift baskets!
I hand knit to your color and pattern specifications. I use 100% worsted weight cotton. You can specify USA grown and dyed cotton (Peaches & Cream). The soap bags can be modified to fit any soap bar size. They currently fit my own, as well as Vicki's and a number of the soaps that have been sent in past Soap Swaps. I only do two patterns currently for the washclothes, but am branching out as funds allow me. I am also willing to attempt to create a signature design for you!
These are knit to order, so please allow two weeks or more for delivery. The length of time depends on how many you order.
Soap bags are $2.50 for the first 5; $2.00 for 6-25; over 25-contact me for price
Washcloth pricing to come.
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Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions, Petro Free Body Butters, Dead Sea Salts, and Laundry Soaps.

For more information contact:
[email protected]
(509) 758-7321

Custom braided horsehair jewelry, and sterling silver or 14k gold jewelry featuring horses. That's right - you can send me hair from your own horse and I will make you or a friend a wonderful keepsake from the hair!

If you just prefer sterling jewelry than something from my jewelry page might suit.

My website is http://www.beautiful-horses.com. Let me know if I can help you with a special gift or a present to yourself. Happy trails!
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Dairy Goat Tee shirts, aprons and tote bags...with all new dairy goat designs. Alpine, Oberhasli, Nigerian Dwarf, Saanen Sable, Toggenburg and recorded grade.... All custom drawn and new to the web even. Open to doing custom designs and colors too if you get on the waiting list....
Would love your feedback and possible ideas for other goat designs...you may like to see.
True Imagery Studio
ordering storefront:


Kat Moore
True Imagery Studio
Yes, I do! I'm a full-time daycare provider. :)

Here's my website:
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