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  1. kidsngarden

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    I'm still waiting - comes on the sixth from jeffers.
    Can you tell my how you use it? With quart jars or just milk directly in the bucket?

    How best to secure it?

    Do you leave it there all the time until the next feeding time?

    How do you clean it?

    Thank you!
  2. BlueHeronFarm

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    We bought the iron holder, too...but you can place it on an old wheel or a couple cinder blocks. If you only have a 2 or 3 kids, place it OUTSIDE the fence with the nipples poking through - it will keep them from knocking it over.

    With only a few kids, we use quart jars in the bucket. Also with very small kids (helps them have to suck less hard) With 6, as we have now, we dump right into the bucket.

    If you are feeding meal-sized amounts, you can rinse it out after each feeding, wash thoroughly at day's end. If you are free choicing, just clean when they are done with the milk. (Once a day.) - We pull the hoses and nipples, to wash separately - they soak for a while. Clean the bucket as you would any milk jug.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Sondra

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    I hang mine on the fence with a rope kinda moves around on them but they get the hang of it soon and not a problem.
  4. :yeahthat We take a bungee cord and secure the bottom to the fence. Works really well. Tammy
  5. I have a 5 gallon bucket sitting in the stall for Milo. I sit the lamb bar bucket inside the 5 gallon. The 5 gallon bucket is wired to the fence. And I use a quart jar inside the lamb bar bucket with a few towls around it to keep it from moving and breaking because the lamb bar bucket is too hard to wash in the sink.
  6. Tracy in Idaho

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    We just pour the milk in the bucket itself. I have small buckets for little kids, and big 5 gallon buckets for the larger ones.

    I use either the fence hangers from Premier 1 for the flat side buckets, or I have the metal rings welded on tire rims for the big buckets.....that is what all the kids are on now.

    I don't leave my lambars out because they 1) suck air. 2) jump all over the nipples and get poop on them which they then eat -- uck.

    I clean mine after every feeding by just running hot soapy/bleachy water through it in the bathtub. Then about once a week I use on of the long skinny tube brushes to clean all the tubes and nipples. Pull the nipples out because you'll get milk scum underneath them too.

  7. Sondra

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    YEH what Tracy says on the cleaning etc.
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    I also set mine inside a 5 gallon bucket. Rinse with warm water in the morning and clean with soap/bleach at night, every couple days I take it apart and clean the hoses/nipples with the brush. I have 10 kids on it right now, so I just dump milk right in the bucket. I don't leave mine in the pen either.
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    I pour the warmed milk directly into my bucket. I have the metal holder welded to an old tire rim and set the bucket in there to keep them from knocking it over. As soon as they have finished eating what I put out for them I wash my bucket and tubes out with hot soapy water and rinse and turn it upside down to dry on the rack. About every 3 days I wash it with soapy water and bleach and scrub it really well. I've never left my bucket out. They jump on it, get poop on it and it causes flies.
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    We don't have the weather for free choice without it getting really nasty. Even just overnight the milk is totally cheese which fouls your tubes and makes cleaning horrid. Flies....milk is just fly bait here!

    From the moment my kids go on the lambar I use a small one I simply snap to the hog panel infant pen, they get as much as they want as often as I can offer it. I only monitor full bellies and crying. Once through with their first corid they move to the normal kid pen and are on the 3 and 1/2 gallon lambar that fits on a holder my husband build...rebar holds the bucket, welded onto a rim and then he welded triangles onto that on the bottom of the rim so they can't tip it over. So the bottom looks like a star. Once again they get as much as they want 4, and then 3 times a day. Once about 8 weeks old I move to a 5 gallon bucket which fits the same holder and they get as much as I have left after sales and soap, 2 times a day until I am sick to death of them and I wean them...or they wean themselves in the heat.

    After I feed I run water through it until it runs clear, then every Saturday I take it completely apart and clean it with soapy water and then bleach. Having several small feeders I simply run one through the dishwasher while I use another one. Vicki