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Two MDGA registered PUREBRED 6 month old Mini Nubian bucklings for sale. They are from the same doe, a first freshener with good milk production who peaked at 6 lbs. of milk/day and is at 3+ lbs. of milk/day in December. Both bucklings were bottle fed, they are easy to handle and very comfortable with people! These guys have a lot of personality and are super sweet. <3

Both bucklings are negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes, as is our herd. We are asking $275 OBO for each buckling.
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Snape (MDGA# MN07554) is brown with light roaning, a white belt, frosted ears and muzzle, and has black and cream spots-he is a very colorful little stinker and is getting more color definition as he gets older.

Cedric (MDGA# MN07553) is black and tan with some roaning, along with frosted ears and muzzle. Some white on his girth and tail.


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