Fodder Systems?

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    Where do you get seed so cheap?

    We live in New Mexico and have not found a barley seed supply cheap enough to justify trying this out. Where do you all get your seed from?
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    I am now very interested in fodder, but I too would like to know about calcium levels. I cant get alfalfa pellets here in Bulgaria, so my source is alfalfa hay. If by feeding fodder I can cut out my expensive alfafalfa hay and use grass hay, where does my calcium requirement come from them.
    Linuxboy, you mentioned Calcium Chloride as a source of quick release. We use calcium chloride in our cheese making, could we add this to the irrigating water of our fodder system and would this increase the calcium levels in the fodder to meet the goats requirements?
    Another question about the logistics of feeding said fodder, could it not be put through a garden chipper along with the hay, so it come out the other end as a fodder hay mix?
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