Foamy looking bloody discharge!

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Shykid Acres, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Shykid Acres

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    Solana, my FF that kidded 7 days ago is eating fine, drinking fine, acting fine but...

    Her bloody discharge from giving birth has now changed color and consistency. The only way I can decribe it is to say that it looks like foamy blood. It sort of ran/leaked out of her like a quick squirt without the pressure when I saw her this morning. It ran/leaked like that when she called to her kid when he got out of the pen.

    Is this normal ??? I am worried. :help2
  2. mill-valley

    mill-valley New Member

    Sounds pretty normal to me. Sometimes it seems like they are done discharging but then they cough or cry and some more comes out. As long as she is doing fine, no fever, I wouldn't worry.

  3. stacy adams

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    Also, keep this in mind, she may do this for a while, then stop, then do it again.. it can happen a month later. :really As long as the blood isn't bright red (fresh blood) then she's just getting rid of stuff. :)
  4. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    I will keep that in mind. It is nice to know. Thank you. I'll keep watch of her.