Flakey skin, lice/mites??

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Sunny Daze, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Hi there! New to this forum although I have been lurking a bit! Anyways, I am having a problem with flakey skin on a doeling. I had a couple of them that had what I thought was lice (I actually saw the little buggers along the spine), although maybe it was mites? I really haven't had to deal with either before so not totally sure. Either way, I used a de-lice product and I did see them die. I also wormed with ivomec. The one still has very flakey skin. i thought after all the lice died off it would resolve, but doesn't seem to get any better. She isn't loosing any hair, but has huge kind of scabby flakes. all along her back and neck. Is this something totally unrelated, or does she still have an external parasite problem? She seems a little bit itchy but not terribly so. She is the only one with this problem and like I said, I have never had to deal with this before. Any advice greatly appreciated!!
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    :biggrin Don't lurk....jump right in here and make yourself feel at home.

    Most likely what you seen were lice, and it sounds like that you have took measure to treat them on this animal........now, the rest of the herd will probably have lice too.....so you may need to be prepared to treat all of them. I would treat their beeding areas as well.
    There is a fungus of sort that can cause the skin thing like you are discribing here......I'm getting ready to deal with one like this myself, since it don't appear that lice has caused my troubles with mine...(first one for me)
    Some folks on here have delt with this before, so hang on and they will help you get this gal cleaned up.....


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    Hi and Welcome!!
    Yes I would repeat the dusting and clean bedding dust that area too. but also think abt oil in thier diet. Dry and flaky can be just that. Adding little bit of oil or BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds) will make a world of difference. in their coats.
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    Dont forget to retreat for lice in about 10 days, to catch the eggs that weren't hatched... and bedding of course.. With lice, mites, I treat three times similar to worming my goats.. three times total, each 10 to 11 days apart...
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    OK, that is probably the problem then. I did treat the bedding when I treated the goats (and I did everyone that was in that pen) but I didn't repeat. I was giving BOSS for a while but haven't recently. I think with this one doeling it is more than just dry skin, as it is pretty bad. I will probably start adding some BOSS again any ways as it certainly can't hurt, and I guess tomorrow I will go through and treat goats and bedding again and see if that helps. Thanks!
  6. When we got Ava she had this problem with her skin also. We de-wormed her, gave her Bo-Se, and treated her coat with tea tree and penny royal oil. Daily brushings helped also. But I'll warn you spoiled goats come from daily brushings :biggrin.
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    When my kids are around helping me on weekends/holidays/summer, they like to brush the goats and boy do they get spoiled. The goats, not the kids. :) They love to be brushed. We have one that will turn her head and push your hand holding the brush down if you stop. It's so funny. :D And they get this "blissed out" look that they get in their eyes when you brush them.

    Silly goats.

    But it does help with the flakes. Just like brushing your own hair. Sometimes you have to physically remove the flakes and stimulate the skin to take care of the dry skin problem.