First time mother with udder deformity

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    I accidentally got a goat. We were only supposed to have her for the summer, and we were going to be giving her back to the original owners by August. Well that was 2 years ago, and now shes pregnant with her first kid.
    My how time flys.
    Nanny Moo Moo (such an odd name I know, we didn't name her that, but the name just stuck) is a 2 and 1/2 year old pygmy goat cross. In October we had decided to go on vacation and gave her to my aunt for the few days were were on our vacation. On the second day we get a text saying that Nanny Moo Moo has been bred. Nanny Moo Moo is now less than a month away (11 days) from giving birth. I've never really thought about this before but Moo has a teat deformity. Both of them are split. At the base of each teat is normally shaped, but at the end it splits, giving each teat two 'heads'. How will this affect her producing milk for her babies? We won't be milking her but I'm worried it may hinder the babies getting milk from her.
    Please give as in detail feedback as you can, this is also my first goat pregnancy as well :)
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    Not sure what the questions are.
    Can this be passed on to kids yes
    Can she feed them depends on the internal structure, but more than likely yes.
    Can she be milked will be hard without making a mess.

    I would consider having a source of colostrumor knowing where you can purchase a colostrum supplement. They need that first. If she can't feed them after that whole milk from the store is fine.