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    We are finally getting everything under control and back into soapmaking fulltime. Soapmaking and sewing supplies are pretty much organized and we are getting more fresh does for the milk. One, maybe 2 coming within the next 10 days and 2 from Marla the end of May. My sweet mini Nubian girls are still milking after a year and the fresh doe we bought in Feb was rebred and we had to dry her up to kid sometime the end of May or first part of June. We had to be very careful with the milk we have to keep up with regular soap customers.
    Anyway I got a bucket of coconut oil from Susan at Prairie fragrances and a box of Palm Oil flakes (at the cost she paid for it). I thought I saw a something on differences in Palm Oil and Palm Oil flakes. Any advice? We have to catch up on soap. We have people waiting for it. The girls did take a seminar in marketing.
    I will be on regularly again and can't wait to read the posts I missed, but I have to go and call the mobile home dealers AGAIN, we still don't have skirting, no water to the back bathtub (water is ok to the sinks, but sometimes the toilets don't refill) among a few other problems. :sigh Have a good evening. Carolyn