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    OK, I am to the point where I need to buy fill for my boxes. I am a little frightened of the really big bag of popcorn fill that sells...what on earth do you keep it in if you buy this? It of course is much much cheaper than tissue in bulk. But tissue in bulk will fit on my new shelves.

    So what do you use for fill, where do you buy it and how do you store it?

    TIA..... Vicki
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    You should be able to buy the end rolls of blank news print from your local news paper office for cheap.


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    Well I don't sell soap but I do sell a lot on Ebay and I can tell you that weight wise you are better off with the peanuts. They add so little to the total weight of the box that you can save big on shipping. Paper is surprisingly heavy (found out the hard way) and unless you are shipping in the flat rate boxes paper can add several ounces over peanuts - that weight will add up big time on your shipping rates.

    I buy the big bags of peanuts from Uline (yes they are scary) and put them in my storage shed. I fill a kitchen sized trash bag full of peanuts and keep it in my shipping area. I refill the bag as I run out - this way I don't have to keep that behemoth bag in my house! I know of other sellers that use a storage bins to keep their peanuts in - just make sure if you use a bin to get the anti-static peanuts LOL!

    If you want to use paper, Uhaul has a large box of pre-cut sheets for $8.80 - just go to any Uhaul moving store. The box fits nicely on a shelf too.

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    Vicki, I use a huge rubbermaid bin to store mine in, and a large 8 cup measure cup to scoop with.. into boxes.. easy peasy.. refill tthe bin as jUdy says.. Paper does add alot of weight to boxes.. I use mostly flat rate, but once in a while customer order very small and i use really small boxes,, I try to keep their costs down.. Paper in boxes also takes more time..
    Peanuts are just pour in..
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    Well I was complaining about this to my sister, and viola! One of the consumers (MHMR) at he building hse runs, has a job of shredding documents for the hospital. So I am going to buy shredded paper from her as often as I need. They usually put the shredded paper in the paper bin at the recycle, so she will be happy to get money from me!

    So I can put off the dreaded big bag of peanuts for awhile again :) I use flat rate 99% of the time, but I didn't think about how heavy paper would be..I mostly reused peanuts from raw products sent to me, and purchased tissue in bulk. Thanks everyone! vicki
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    I bought a paper shredder and shred my own. I have enough misc paper around to shred that I never have to buy packing stuff. Between that and the stuff that comes in my boxes from suppliers I'm good to go. I even shred catalogs, etc. Works great!

    ETA my kids actually do the shredding - they think it's fun so more power to them!
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    This is a bit off topic, but I use my shredded paper as chicken bedding. When we actually get to the farm, it will then go to the compost pile after the chicken house. Eventually ending up in the garden.

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    Anne, I used to do that also. Then we had a hurricane...well first I am one of those that as they walk around picks up little bits of this and that, there is no trash on my property, unless I havne't gotten to it yet:) You should have seen the place, it had little bits of paper everywhere! I thought I would go insane! Vicki