figuring electric into the cost of soap

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  1. So is there a specific formula for figuring the amount of electricity used for storage, production and marketing of soap?
    I came up with this formula and I think this would work but not sure if I am forgetting anything.

    kilowatts x hours of storage +kilowatts x production time +kilowatts x time on computer
    28 bars of soap

    This would all have to be very intricate as hours of storage vary as well as production time and marketing.
    Thanks Tammy
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    That would get way too complicated for me. I add 1 cent to every bar for electricity and water. Since I'm not oven processing or running any special dehumidifiers or anything, I figure this covers my costs.


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    It was all part of business costs that the gal who does my books comes up with. It's about killowatt hours times the watts you use and square footage of heat and ac. Vicki
  4. And I did not think about calculating in heat. It will get cold soon. I'll have to get that propane tank filled, thats easy for record keeping. :lol Tammy
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    grief :) I just need to figure out how to sell soap, let alone figure out how much elec I will use.