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    I know this has probably been done to death, but I was wondering if some experience dairy goat breeders would like to post their grain/hay ration in relation to gestation, milking, and kid raising.

    I'm not new to dairy goats, (in fact I have been on this site for years but have long ago forgotten my login and have a new email address, so I found it easier to become a new member. My former name here was Trnubian). I have been raising them for 17 years. But I am interested into looking at my feeding program compared to others.

    My does are show as well as milking does and I want to squeeze every drop of potential I can out of them. Thus, trying to explore the possibilities of adding or slightly changing my feeding program if I feel it will benefit them.

    So long story short, experienced breeders who show, or once did show, and milk, please let me know what your feeding program entails! :)