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    A little help on feed and rations for goats. We recently brougbt our herd from FL, where they were on browse 24/7 and only fed bagged feed while nursing, to TN on the new farm where they are on pasture and require maintenance feeding until the rest of the fencing can go up and theh can go back out on 24/7 browse.
    We have run into several does having congeated udders after kidding this season.
    Looking for any suggeations on a good pelleted goat feed thats has less protein as we think thata the issue.
    Right nkw we use a 16% dairy feed, BOSS ans alfalfa pellet mixture along with free choice orchard grass hay.
    Thanks all!
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    You could just add some oats to the feed you currently use, they are only 12%. You would have to use the feed square to figure out the %, but it would work until you find something better.

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    If you suddenly increase grain when they kid, that will cause congested udders.

    Also, have they been tested for CAE?