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    Okay, thanks for the advice--I am not going to make my goats carnivores!!! :biggrin I was just trying to find out further information about what I had read in a book and knew that you guys would know if it was good info or not.

    Someone mentioned about using alfalfa hay and I found some today at a very reasonable price--It is leafy and great hay--$6.00 a bale. In my goat shelter I have 2 hay racks--all 3 does can eat out of each rack at the same time. I was planning on putting alfalfa hay in one rack and brome in the other, and limiting the 3 doelings to about a bale of alfalfa a week---the bales each weigh at least 50 pounds---more like 60 probably and then unlimited brome hay. The alfalfa hay I would siphon out over the week so that they would have some each day.---IS this too limiting? Should they have free access to as much alfalfa hay as they want? I have read on the forum about giving each doe about 3 pounds of alfalfa pellets a day--which for 3 goats in one week equals about 56 pounds of pellets---this is equivilent to about a bale of alfalfa. I am pretty new to this goat stuff---been doing goats for a few years, but now am trying to get "higher quality" milk/goats---got some awesome goats from Christy Harris this past year and can't wait to see how they do this spring after kidding--so I don't want to sacrifice the goats.
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    If your doelings are bred, I'd allow one flake per doe daily of the alfalfa hay. Kathie

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    Of course, with alfalfa pellets, you probably don't have any waste. With hay, you probably will have some. You'll have to figure out out of a bale of hay, how much actually gets eaten before you can compare costs, but it sounds like the hay would be less expensive unless they are wasting more than half of it.