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    I know you all probably get tired of all the same questions but I have another one. (or two :biggrin) Comparing the barber pole worm to the tapeworm eggs (triangular ones) should the barber pole be bigger, smaller, or about the same size? I think I'm seeing the right thing, just want to be sure.
    I also had a question about straining the feces but noticed in another thread that most don't strain. I am using the Mcmaster slides and the technique shown on the Langston University website. Anyway, my question was whether it makes a difference in the count if one person broke up the pellets more thoroughly and extracted more liquid from the mix than someone else. My goats seem extremely healthy but I keep getting high counts. I thought maybe I was overdoing it when breaking up the poop and pressing it through the strainer. :?
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    If the eggs are there, you want to know about it. I don't see how you can "overdo" it. When we did fecals at the vet clinic, we always put them in a cup with fecal solution, smashed/mixed it up really good, strained it, spun it down in a centrifuge, and then floated. This is by far the most accurate way to do a fecal. I realize most people don't have access to a centrifuge, so you just float it longer. I don't see how straining/not straining would make a huge difference in the actual egg count as eggs are far too tiny to get caught in a strainer anyway. It just makes them easier to find as your whole slide isn't clogged up with plant material.

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    I mash mine up pretty good too, and strain it.
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    I do two slides. One smear, one strained and when a goat has an infestation, both slides always look the same, so I don't see where straining it hurts as long as it is strained correctly. I use one layer of cheesecloth to strain mine. I take a smear out of the mashed mush that has not been strained. (sometimes I take a smear out of a fresh pellet and do 3 slides if I am not testing very many that day.)

    Sometimes you can see the actual tape worms in the goat matter. The barber pole worm is almost twice as big as the tape eggs at 100X. Some really good photos of eggs are here. http://fiascofarm.com/goats/fecals.htm#eggphotos
    You can compare the sizes with different zooms, to the zooms you are using. They show 100X and 400X. Someone else may know of some other sites with good photos.