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We have a small family farm in central Bulgaria, with dairy goats, which we're looking to pass on to a wonderful family to enjoy and to invest in and grow. It includes a 3-bedroom home with 1.5 acres of garden, 45 milkers, around 30 doelings and 30 bucklings (for meat), 2 registered bucklings (for breeding next year), 2 proven bucks (for this coming season); barn, milking machine & milk cooler, 25 acres of hay meadows (for rent or sale), and an amazing farm manager/veterinary technician. There are miles of open land for grazing - herds are grazed on open common land by a goatherd.
The farm buildings require renovation. The site and herd are perfect for making cheese and developing as a campsite. The locality is extremely beautiful, but close to the main highway, and cost of living is very low.
Please let me know if you're interested, as we are looking carefully for the right family!
Thank you!
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