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    Okay--while the vet was here the other day, she mentioned looking at the lower eyelids, much the way you'd look at a dog's gums. I said, "Like that FAMANCHA chart?" She said, "Weeellll... it's really a little more complex than just pulling the chart off the internet and comparing color. It can be misleading. You really need to go through the training to know what you're looking for...." She was telling me that if they're ever not a good healthy pink then I definitely need to fecal.

    SO... how would one go about going through this training? Are there prerequisites? Or is it better to just fecal and be done with it?
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    Kind of shocking to me a vet would say that when in reality it is a page in a vet text that they get in vet school to show anemia in all mammals. My vet has the book in her office and although not an exact copy it certainly is close to the laminated picture they give you in class.

    The idea someone would need someone to teach them to match colors, or that the colors on your monitor is soo off you can't tell the difference between white, light pink, pink, dark pink, light red, medium red, dark red and marroon, is crazy. After you have looked at it 10 times out with your goats, do you really take it out there with you to check? If you kept it out in the barn isn't it going to fade?

    Yes I think everyone should learn from a mentor how to disbud, how to trim feet, maybe how to pull blood, and it makes your life easier to learn to fecal, assist a delivery, tattoo and give shots by watching. But to need help to match colors of eyelids? Rediculous :)

    You know I do have it somewhere tucked in a drawer, perhaps if you would like to see it I could send it to you to use for several weeks, then you could send it onto th next person etc....it's not a nickles worth of difference in person than it is on goatkeeping 101. vicki