Eye issue in kid

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  1. The Nubian doeling that was left with her dam (out of triplet doelings) has runny eyes. Both of her eyes appear to be irritated and she isn't seeing all that well.
    She is still nursing fine and does get aound but her eyesight is limited due to her teary eyes.
    Is there something I should be looking for? What is the issue that can occur with the eyelids?
    It started out as only one eye and now both are irritated.
    I am not seeing it in any of the other four kids running around.
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    When mine do this I take BioMycin and squirt it in the eye for a few days till it clears up. and a shot wont hurt either. Its helps mine that get runny and matted and my vet siad it would work.

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    I use terramycin ointment in my goat's eyes when they have problems.
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    Did you notice this at birth? How old is she? Why I'm asking, could she have inverted eye lids? If this is not it, I'd check to see if she got some grass seed or hay in her eyes. I had one that apparently got into something at birth. I was there, but she scratched it on something. Her eye even turned cloudy white. A round of the terramycin ointment and she cleared right up.

    If you haven't already, get a flash light and see what you can find.

    Good luck with her.

  5. She was born December 26th, so she is not quite a week old. She waqs fine for the first few days. I noticed the one eye was teary when she was about three days old. Then both became teary. She had gunk last evening on below the eyes.
    I'll look closer tonight.
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    I dont know how common it is in goats but it is fairly common in dogs to have entropian eyelids. This is where the upper, lower or both eyelids curl in (with varying degrees) and cause irritation. When you take your flashlight out to examine her make sure her eyelids look normal as well as searching for any foreign bodies the eyes. If you have a thermometer it wouldnt hurt to take her temp either just to be safe. It may have started with something in the eye but my guess would be you have an infection or something else going on now if both eyes are affected. In any case the terramycin or other antibiotic ointment you put in will still give relief you just want to make sure you solve the whole problem and not just treat the symptoms.