Expiration on B complex and uses

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    two questions;
    I have a bottle of cyanoplex bought in '04. The expiration date was 12-06. Is it time for a new bottle?
    Per ml this stuff has
    12.5 mg thiamine
    12.5 mg niacinamide
    5 mg pyridoxine
    5 mg d- panthenol
    2 mg riboflavin
    1000 mcg of B12

    When do you use B complex? I have used it on animals stressed by a move or a little bit of feed w/ no other identifiable reason. Also early on I had a doe get really stressed w/ acute parasites used it then. For these situations I used 2cc SQ every other day for 2 weeks.

    I am writing all this down - in a notebook, instead of my usual scraps of paper in a file. :lol
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    Vitamins can lose their strength over time, so I'd replace the bottle. I know they are not very expensive at my feed store and if I'm going to put a goat through the discomfort of a shot, I want to be sure she's getting the benefits. I use B complex when goats act a bit off, if a goat has had a stressful kidding or along with calcium shots in the case of milk fever to encourage her to eat.