Estrus question...again

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Merry Beth, Nov 22, 2008.

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    I have missed you ladies and gents but we've been busy and only have dial up so there aren't as many ops to be online.

    I have a question (Mr. Pruitt, are you out there? (that's not it--the question)).

    We have 3 does, one has never been bred and she is entering her 3rd cycle of the Fall. The other two does kidded in June and we haven't seen any signs of them coming in at all yet. Are we overlooking something or is it possible that since they kidded late, they will start to cycle late.

    Honestly, I am beginning to feel a little stress about it. We have no buck on the property.

    Thanks! Meredith
  2. mamatomany

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    We have been throught the same thing. I think, although I am very, very new, they go through "light" and "heavy" heat cycles. I really have to be paying attention to them. Watching them ineract. Someone posted that even tail wagging when rubbing up on another goat. I found with my goats when they are monkeying around they flag their tails constantly, but there is a difference. Get a "buck" rag from someone and you will know fer sure.

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    Some goats have silent heats. I bought Summer, a dry yearling in September. I brought a buck down to the outside of my doe pen to see if she or the others were in heat a few times a week from late Sept. on. All the other does a year or more old let me know when they were in heat. Summer ignored the buck. I finally set up a pen with Summer, two doelings, who I hadn't seen any sign of cycling, and a young buck. About a week after she was in with the buck, there she was, flagging and flirting with the buck. Within the next two days, all three does in that pen were bred. I know it isn't always feasible for everyone to own a buck, but it sure makes things easier for me. I know some folks who don't want to keep a buck year round either lease one or buy a young buck and then put him in the freezer when he's done breeding the does. Kathie
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    If in breeding season a doe will usually cycle 8 weeks after kidding. So they should have had a heat in September, October and now one in November. You don't have their buck sons with them do you? I also think it's about impossible for new folks to track heats and get those does bred that first year, without a ton of help. Anyway you can borrow a buck to put in with the does? Or at the very least on the fence line? Purchasing a young buck in the spring from a local breeder to use on your herd, then if you can't keep bucks, butcher him or sell him, purchasing another early spring kid the next year. I think your does kidding in June along with heats being ever the more silent going into winter, the does will likely go unbred if you don't get them to a buck or a buck to your place. This happens every year on folks with unbred does. Vicki