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  1. Sorry, guys.
    I hate bugging you all about critiques...especially when I don't think I have enough shots and the right shots.
    This was a yearling FF. Does not have a full udder in this shot (raised a single doe).
    I'll tell you what I see and you can let me know how off I am.
    I feel like her legs are set too far back. I know she is not as "uphill" as she should be. She has more slope to her rump than wanted, correct?
    Is she deep enough in the heart area? She isn't what I would call pinched in the heart girth area, if she were a cow.
    What causes a dip in the chine in this instance?


    I'll be sure and order the ADGA book when I identifiy kids.

    May as well make it interesting.
    I have also attached a very bad picture of her dam, Kaili and Kaili's quad sister, May. I like May better than Kaili, though that shot is horrible. May had polio before I bought them so is considerably smaller than Kaili.

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  2. Dost,

    I think you was about right on the target with you Nubian doe. The reasons that I would give on this doe would be the following:

    This black nubian has great breed character with the regal roman nose blending smoothly into the long neck that is well attached into very correct shoulders. Well this doe is a bit weak in the chine area, but has a nice spring of rear rib. This doe excels with teat placement being plumb and near ideal size. With the foreudder blending smoothly into the body wall. While I would like to pull up the pin bones to make the rump more level and longer. The doe excels in quality of bone in the legs but, would like to see a little more set in the rear and get the front toes pulled a little more towards the inside(might be the way she is standing).

    Hope this helps a little. All of the does are good does that just really need to be bred to a nice level rumped buck. But be careful since it looks like they all have good udders on them. That is one the hardest things to get back onto a doe after you have lost it, just keep an eye on the udder of the family members. Hope this helps.


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    The yearling also looks to be going through on of those 'ugly' growing phases that make them look weak in the back, too. Like horses when their hip goes way above their withers!