Enough Room?

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  1. Well I am going to start cleaning up around the back of the barn and move the girls around so they can have more space.

    The maximum size of indoor pen I can have is a 16'x8'.
    I was thinking of having an outdoor pen that is 16'x24' or maybe a 20'x24'.

    How many does could I confortably fit in a set up like this?

    Also, they would have a door that they could come and go as they please. The only time I would shut it is if there was the really, really bad weather with alot of wind.

    Thanks in advance!
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    you want it absolutly as big as you can get it. How many does in this pen?

  3. 4 for sure. (If Delilah has a doeling next year.)
    The inside pen can not be any bigger then 16x8. I just don't have the room but the outside pen that will be connected to their stall, I have quite abit of space to play around with, just have to have the fence. lol

    How many could I fit in a pen if the outside part was 20x24?
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    I try to keep 3 doelings per pen 36x20. In a pen this size...I would only keep 1 doe or 1 buck.
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    yep I think you need more fence
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    Although certainly not popular, I do know a very long time breeder who had a mini barn, and very small corralls attached to them and they ran a very nice first Saanen and then Lamancha herd. In fact most have some old Lon Duff in their herds somewhere. With your area really only used for exercise, your does of course would rely on you for everything to eat, to the point that if down here that small of area would not only need to be kept mown short until the grass finally dies but I would take roundup to it so as not to saturate the pen with eggs. Your feeders of course will have to be top notch so there is no feet in hay or feeders or you could have really awful problems with cocci and worms.

    My 10x10 area can hold 4 younger milkers, but once they are up to about 5 years old they are fighting with 3. Now once I take down the partition and move it to 10x20, I could eaisly go higher especially because the stall then has two feeders for alfafla pellets and hay and two doors out to pasture.

    Temperment will of course become paramount because you simply have no place to put someone who is a bully, or someone who can't hold their own. Vicki
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    The bigger the better. I have a Really small barn. But at least an acre or 2 fenced for the goats. But in winter when we get a lot of snow that doesn't really help. I have to limit the number of goats I keep and I do have some seperate sheds if need be. But I focus on feeder space. Make sure everyone can eat and not be bullied. When its cold they tend to sleep in a big group anyway but I have to snowblow and shovel paths in the winter or they would really go crazy! Someday...a big barn!
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    """""Temperament will of course become paramount because you simply have no place to put someone who is a bully, or someone who can't hold their own. Vicki""""

    :yeahthat This was the first thing that came to mind when I first started reading this thread. I sold a nice FF this summer because she needed too much room for herself. I'm gonna winter 4 doe's and a buck on less than an acre of land fence, with a 12x16 four stall barn for them to be housed in during bad weather......so I just don't have space available for those that have bad tempers.

    My brother kept a very nice Nubi doe one time, that needed the whole barn.......after she butted and killed 2 or 3 of his other doe's kids the next spring, he decided it was time for her to go. I think she brought a whopping $70 at the meat goat action here. She could have easily been a $300 to $400 doe at anybody's place.

    So I agree with V..... Living space can be limited and governed by temperment.

  9. Thanks for the posts. :) My girls are pretty easy going. :)
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    I personally hate penning my goats. Right now I have a buck in a 10x10 stall with three 16 foot cattle panels attached to form a paddock. I just hate that I have to keep him in such a small space, but this is the only area I could keep him under control. I couldn't make it bigger yet because we have to take down one of the old goat sheds. My goats could NEVER be kept together in a small space. We have plenty of pasture and they all get a long so much better when given a lot of pasture time. they come into the paddock area on their own at night and lay down together...but they have not been fighting all day. I am a firm believer in exericise and the mental benefits of a grazing animal having a pasture area. Seperate feeding areas are definately necessary though for various goats. We have our girls out on about 7 acres, maybe more. I don't lock them up at night....mainly due to the amonia funes present inside enclosed areas. all in all, the more room you can provide, the happier and healthier your animals will be.
  11. I agree, the bigger the better. I am fortunate to have 40 acres for my goats to run around on. I have a pen that is about 50 by 25 feet that I can shut my does in if I have to. I never shut them up at night unless we are having an awful snow storm. Some does do want the whole barn, confound them, but the girls I have now get along relatively well. My doe barn is about 15 feet wide and 60 feet long. It is divided into two rooms, so the younger girls can get away from the older ones. I keep young does in there to feed them extra grain while the big does are dry. I also have a kidding area on one end that is about 15 by 15 feet in addition to the doe barn. I put the first doe who is in labor in there until she kids, then I move her out and keep just the kids in there. I have another big room that used to be the hen house that is going to be my milking room someday. I only have 4 hens and they sleep with the goats anyway. :sigh In extreme winter weather I put the bucks in that room right now, since their house is not as protected. I kid does in there too so I can keep my already born kids in the kid room with a heat lamp. I can put heat lamps anywhere in my barns I need them. Usually just in the kid room or where a doe is birthing. I have added quite a bit of ventilation to my barns, trying to keep it from being really drafty though. I have small vents on the North and it is open to the South, where the barn opens into a bigger barn where we park our vehicles. This is where I have my feeder built so they must put their heads through slots to eat from a trough in my side of the barn. I don't have to enter their part of the barn to feed them. I never have a problem with them not coming in from the pasture at night. They always come to bed in their barn. The only other time I ever shut them inside their barn is when there have been signs or sightings of a cougar around here. Fortunately, the big cats don't come close in very often and there are MANY white-tail deer around here, which is their main prey species. We don't get a lot of deer close to the house and barns either because of all the human activity. They stay up on the back of the place behind the trees where there is good grazing, a pond and little human activity. The goats don't often venture so far from home. :lol
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    Earlier this year we went to visit a very well known longtime breeder with a very competitive herd. Her does are, for the most part, penned individually and some does are in areas no larger than 8*16 ft. One rule of thumb that I read somewhere (dont ask me where, it was eons ago, LOL) was that if your goats had 'outside space' that they would do fine on 20 SF each and *by and large* we have found that to be true. Ideal? Nope, who EVER has enough space for their goats? But done right I think it can be fine.
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    We added a loafing bench to our buck house this summer. One buck sleeps up top and the other sleeps under....like bunkbeds.
    Cracks me up.
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    The problem I would run into with a inside space that small is someone WOULD be kicked outside and in the rain/snow, etc. My Alpines squabble quite a bit though, and there are different sizes/ages together...you may not run into that quite as much. I have 7 adult does in a barn about 15x15, maybe a little bigger. They have an attached pasture and go in and out whenever they want. Kids I like to give more space because they are so active...but the milkers are pretty lazy. I don't expect any of their diet to be grazing...if they want to that's great but they get more than enough pellets and hay.
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    My girls' pen is about 50x100. But they get let out every day to graze the unfenced area of our property while I babysit them, usually for several hours each day. But my buck's pen is way too small, 24x30. I have toys in there for them and they get exercise by playing but I worry about them all the time.
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    I have two does and two doelings in a 40X30 foot pen. They have a shed in the pen as well. All seem quite happy and content. I would like more fencing for them but just can't do it at this time. We live in the high desert so grazing isn't really an option even if they had more space. I have tried putting them out in a half acre electric fence that is next to my horses. They just bawl and bawl (right now they are next to the fence, the electric pen is much farther away from the house) If we let them out they just run back to their original pen! I do let them out every day to roam about the property for an hour or so while I rake out the pen.
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    I'm a big believer in lots of space, just like some people don't like being crowed in a room so do many aminals.