Ear Problem~My Lamancha doe~

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  1. I have had my Lamancha since last Wednesday. She's a dry yearling.

    I had her out working with her today on walking/setting up and she acted kinda funny with her left side (ear). So I gave it a small squeeze at the base and puss came out. It was gross. I tried it to the right ear, nothing came out but I could hear the squishy sound. Yuck.

    What do I do??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Bella Star

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    Yuck ! I haven't had any problems with my LM ears but I would be cleaning the ear out ,I am a big fan of Neosporin so I would put some on a cotton ball and clean the ear.

  3. dvm-mommy

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    eeeeww....I have had enough of my share of pus and CL scares ;)

    I am bit unclear...the pus came out from a spot below the ear? Or out of the ear itself?

    BTW- she is very pretty, I saw your post with her big picture on it ..she looks a lot like my Sasha!
  4. NubianSoaps.com

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    I would simply fizz out the ear with a washcloth in peroxide, flood the ear and give the ear a good massage with the washcloth. You could do this once a day for a few days to keep it clean and perhaps drop pennicillin into the ear, as long as a knot doesn't form she is fine.

    Joni took a washcloth in a tupperware container each month when she trimmed feet or got ready for shows, to clean ears of her LaMancha's kept their ears from getting clogged. You dont' see this as much in good gopher ears, but elf eared does, or othe old cookie ears, there is no way for the ear to drain, so they seemed to clog more. If mites are a problem in your area you could also simply use miticide each month. Vicki

  5. It came from inside the ear.

    Thanks for the replies!!
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    I have had LaMAnchas for over 25 years and had one doeling last spring with an actual ear infection. First ever. She was acting kind of droopy and when I was looking at her, she had a little crusty stuff on one ear so I was going to clean her ears and pus (a large amount) came out of her one ear. Nothing wrong with the other one. I cleaned it well, put in some people antibiotic that we had and gave her pencillin for however many days as I was supposed to. I continued to get pus out of her ear for several days. Then she got well and hasn't slowed down since. I am used to the little crusty looking ear stuff but this was way different. I am thinking that since her ear was oozing a little normal secretions and it got sealed off an infection set in. I check all of the girls ears more closely now.
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    I use peroxide and then squeeze Vit E into the ear.