Drying off a pregnant doe

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  1. I'm going to be drying off a pregnant doe within the next week. She is due in May. Right now she is being fed about 2lbs. of grain per day, milking about 2.5 lbs. 1x per day. When I stop milking her, should I stick with the same amount of grain as she's about 7-8 weeks from kidding? Or should I drop back a little bit for now & up it as it gets closer to kidding time?

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    It just depends on the condition of the doe. If she is in good body condition then you can cut back on the grain to just a couple handful a day while you are trying to dry her up. Keep giving her the alfalfa pellets. I personaly would not cut out the grain all together at this point in her gestation. Depending on how big of a milker she is and her being an Alpine, she might not even dry up all the way. Since she is only giving a couple pounds of milk a day now, I would just stop milking her and if she fills her udder, then just express enough just to keep her from strutting and blowing her teats. With the decrease in demand for milk, her supply will decrease. I wouldn't put her on the milk stand or go through her regular milking routine, just clip her to the fence to express a little milk from her if she is uncomfortable or you fear blowing her teats. If she is skinny from milking a lot then I would continue the grain as you are feeding it now, along with her alfalfa pellets. Again, she may not dry up all the way, but you don't want her body condition to suffer as she is putting her nutritional resources into growing out her babies.

  3. She's actually in really good body condition now, not skinny at all. I was thinking once I stop milking her, she might get a little too big if I continue with the same grain amount. I don't want her getting too fat which I know if very unhealthy....right now she looks like she's at a good weight, but I'm not sure how much to decrease grain since I'm not milking, but then she's pregnant and got 7 weeks to go so you should start increasing... :help