Dry lot/yard questions

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    Some of you have mentioned keeping your goats on small dry lots, what do you do to keep the mud down?
    Do you do anything extra for hoof care?
    Do you lime or otherwise treat the dirt regularly?
    I much prefer ratios of no more than 10 head per acre which eliminates all bare spots except in front of the barn door which is easily rocked to keep them from sqishing through mud. Fencing this new place is not going very fast so we are into the winter dampness, rains, etc on small, bare dry lots. The yards get raked almost everyday so there is not an accumulation of berries, but the mud is terrible sometimes and of course they don't just want to stay in the small barn. It is on a slight grade- no standing water and some areas are higher/drier than others but still damp, sometimes sticky earth. I fix them an iodine foot bath every once in a while along with more frequent hoof cleaning to try to prevent rot from the wet/dirt. Also am extra careful with udder care.
    Any other tips or suggestions?
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    If you could find some pallets and nail some treated plywood to the top of it you could set these around in some areas so they can get up out of the mud. When it rains I have a couple of muddy areas in my pasture. Going out my yard gate into the goat yard and in front of the barn and I bought some of those large stepping stones and made pathways for me and the goats across those areas.

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    Like Chris, I use the stepping stones in front of the barn door, and at the gates.......We got a deal on some at walmart....they had some stacked up that were a little chipped from handling to rough....we got the garden shop manager to sell us these things for less than half the price. Maybe you can get a deal like this.
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    Thanks for the ideas!
    I had thought about pallets just haven't got it done yet as all of our pallets are under the hay. Certainly ought to be able to pick up rejects from any store this time of year though. Need to get at it!!
    We've done that with chipped pavers too :lol For awhile my goats had a nice entry way and OUR house dooryard was ... :laughcry
    What do the big dairies do about mud, traffic areas, and loafing areas?