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  1. Bianca {2 yr. old 2nd F, 1/4 Boer, 1/4 Saanen, 1/4 LaMancha/Alpine, 1/4 Pygmy} went into labor this afternoon. She was settled to our Boer buck, Bo. Repeat breeding that produced a single buck kid already cleaned up and nursed when I got back to the barn last year.
    The first buck tried to arrive head only. I went in and checked presentation and felt only a nose. Fished a front hoof forward. Waited a little bit, then went fishing for the other since there was plenty of space in there...despite this doe weighing less 100 pounds on a good day. Very small family line.
    She finally delivered him. He had passed his meconium and then some during the birth. Pretty weak at birth. I swung hima bit later, but he is still pretty weak. His brother arrived one front leg back. He was trying to stand shortly after birth. Is already standing, has nursed, etc. While the firstborn just lays there. Weak, droopy. No attempt at standing. Willing to suck slightly. I offered him some colostrum in a bottle and he drank alittle.
    They both just got 1cc of BoSe.
    I am headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's for at least half an hour.

    I was wondering at what point I should worry more about him not really acting very vigorous. Is there something that would help him, drugwise?
    He was born about 3:45, so isn't even an hour old yet.
    There is a little congestion sounds in his chest, but my ears are so fogged up from sinus congestion I can't be sure.

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    They can be a little slow in coming around after a difficult birth, an difficult enough for him to pass meconium is difficult. Check his lungs, if he inhaled the meconium put him on antibiotic and give him some dex. If it fried his lungs than he will have limited lung function for a long time or forever, depending upon how much. Tylan 50 or tetracycline....if a valuable kid it would be Naxcel here.

    It can also be not enough oxygen, if he gets worse, put him down. Worse would be not sucking when he previously was only sucking a little bit, or a drop in body temp. Vicki