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Gosh, with all the other troubles that folks are having right now, it's seems like a mute point to bring this up.
......but, we know that a peak (cycle)worm season is fast approaching us now. Many of us have kids on the ground who are in no doubt nibbling and tasting things that maybe is not so good for them. Just want to remind everybody to be prepared to do battle with the worms/cocci again.
And this is mostly for the new folks just getting started out.....this would be a good thread/time to start asking questions about wormers, worming, running fecals, etc.
PLEASE take advantage of the info that is given on here from the folks who have been there and done that.

I'll ask the first question.

I got some ivomec plus now. When giving it to combat flukes, do I need to repeat the worming every 10 days for 3 times...just like I would with other wormers for HC, or brown stomach worms ? ......or will one dose nuke the flukes ?


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Thats what I do Whim....Thanks for the reminder...most will appreciate it...
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