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  1. With the goats at
    83 kids born beginning December 21st and finishing up this morning around 3:55AM. 11 singletons, 33 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets (all does). Not quite the 200% kidding rate I wanted.
    41 bucks, 41 does and a hermaphrodite. We've lost 12 of those to various reasons {FTDs (3), smothering (2), coon (1), DOA (1) and the rest for various other reasons}
    Really a bad year number wise. 14% loss rate. Pitiful. :blush We do not normally lose that many but I was sick for most of January with various illnesses and barely made it out of bed.
    We also lost a number of pregnancies to a horned doe. There were at least 4 bucklings and a doeling aborted by three does and some pregnancies I never found.
    All in all the deliveries were smooth. Veruca and Bianca were the exceptions.
    I have a dozen or more does due starting the 22nd of July. Mostly does that either did not take or aborted.
    Between now and then we have about 30 head of dairy cattle to

    William (Boer/Saanen) produced 5 bucks and 3 does. Bo, our Boer buck we sold this past Fall, produced 11 bucks and 8 does. Rudolph Valentino (polled, registered purebred Nubian) produced 12 bucks, 14 does and a polled hermaphrodite with a polled daughter. Boomer (the twit who killed himself this past Fall) produced a set of buck/doe twins. Achilles (purebred Nubian from Lisa) produced 8 bucks and 11 does for his first year. Weller (William's son from last year who I borrowed to run clean up does that were slated for Boomer) produced a single buck and a single doe. Then there are 3 bucks and 3 does who are the result of the doe herd breaking in to the pen where both my Nubian bucks were penned. *sigh* One of those doelings will be DNA tested so I can get papers on her.
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    Sounds like you get a small rest and then back to work...

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    Wow....are you sure you get a rest at all. LOTS of kids! So sorry you lost so many. Nice having triplet does. Two sets? Nice.