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    I give my goats dolomite and have been ordering if from Hoeggers at $9.95 for 5 dolomite is lime and I am wondering if there is something cheaper but safe. I understand that some lime has lead in it, but wouldn't it have to say on the bag if that is the case? Is there anyone out there that has found another source besides Hoeggers and the Jolly German ($8 lb) that supplies dolomite for animal consumption? I also wanted to mention a great source for cobalt, copper sulfate, ammonium chloride, and sulfur and that is but no dolomite of course.
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    Dolomite is not just lime. There is limestone lime, and there is dolomitic lime. You do not want to feed limestone. It is not balanced with magnesium the way dolomitic lime is. You can look around for dolomitic lime. On my place the clover and alfalfa are great. There is no reason to feed extra calcium.