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    I have a real problem doing something if I think I am not doing it 100% correct! So I have been trying to figure out how to setup my barn for a reasonable amount, but get me everything I need or make it where it is easily added later. In my previous thread I decided on a 40x40 barn that would be no good for Grade A cert. Not a big deal as I don't plan on getting it anytime soon, but then I got to thinking perhaps I can build the barn now with cost in mind, but add walls and what not later to achieve the Grade A requirements. What I came up with was a 40x50 barn. An addition 10 foot now will only increase the cost around 500, but may save me a lot more in the future.
    I have yet to decide, but I wanted to see what you all think.
    Thanks for being my sounding board.

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    Seems to me like you have a lot of wasted space. My barn is Grade A and is set up completely different. In Texas I think you can build a layout exactly like mine only a whole lot cheaper. Remember we are COLD up north and have to build accordingly.

    After a quick look I see that the alleys are only 3.5' wide. Not much will fit through there.

    Since you are interested in possibly building to Grade A specs, have you located the requirements for Texas?


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    If you are even thinking on this line than get with a dairy inspector before you start. They work for free, and since the one who comes out will then be your inspector if you decide to go that route, than you know you will pass. It's way more than $500 it's materials, floordrains, I mean the list is endless...if you mean for just the construction wood right now than yes. But don't go pouring cement in those rooms until you know what the specs say.

    Right off the 3 and 1/2 foot alley way is too tight, you couldn't walk with a bail of hay through there.

    Go visit those with grade A dairy facilites, remember it's for the milk, not the goats...some of it will be shocking to you. On 105 is cheesemakers, on Walker Road, it is no longer in use, but maybe they would give you a tour. Vicki
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    I guess I am just really torn on this one. I have an email into the dairy inspector, but no response yet.

    Yes that 500 would be for the additional roof and wood needed. Nothing more. That way if I wanted to add it later the core building would be in place. sigh

    I will start looking at different places and try to make a freaking decision. I am killing me! I want to just build what I have planned, but I am sure worried I will regret it later.

    I know if I go with what I have now I could put another building next to the barn if needed, but it would have to be next to my barn as there is no room in front of it.
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    Oh.......I should also add......

    Thank you both for being honest and not telling me what I want to hear. :D I like it rough you know. :rofl
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    (for some reason, you have to cut and paste the URL into your browser - it won't work just by clicking on it)

    These are the regulations that I've been able to find online. They make me bonkers to read them.
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    Yea I found this CRAP.....LOL Why does the goverment have to make everything so hard to understand. :sigh

    I sent another email out to a different person, so we will see if he responds.

    If I hear nothing before this weekend I will say screw it and stick with what I have. I am already spending more than I want.