Does milk mean pregnant?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by cece119, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I have a milk goat that produced very little milk when I got her. I am not sure the last time she had babies. I just noticed that her sack is so much bigger than I have ever seen. I have 2 sheep that stay with her but they are both cut so there is no way that they bread her. We do have a neighbor that has goats that could have jumped the fence. So I guess my question is would she start making more milk if she is not pregnant or should I start watching for babies?
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    Fresh grass in the spring can increase the milk in a doe that is on an extended lactation, BUT if the bad boys next door came over for a midnight rendezvous, you really should get a blood test to see if she's pregnant. A vet visit with an ultrasound might be able to tell also. If this isn't available, feel the tendons on either side of the head of her tail. If they feel like pencils, no babies today, if they are soft, probably babies today. Either way make sure she is in really good condition and had her shots, like CDT and vitamins. (I use Multimin, but most people use BO-SE)

    Also I would test for mastitis. She could have got some bacteria in her teat canal, and could have an infection. Check for a hot hard udder, bloody, thick or clumpy milk, and run a CMT, if you have the stuff to do it.

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    There is such a thing as precocious udder, a condition where a doe comes into milk without ever becoming pregnant. She could have some issue with the udder such as mastitis which could cause the udder to swell, but I bet she's pregnant.