Does anyone Grow Peppers?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by DGI, May 9, 2013.

  1. DGI

    DGI Administrator Staff Member

    I know a lot of you are here in Texas which is why I ask, do any of you grow peppers, specifically chile pequino?

    I had some questions about getting it started and was wondering if anyone here has transplanted it successfully?
  2. Horsehair Braider

    Horsehair Braider New Member

    Austin, I don't live in TX I live in NM, but I grow chilis pretty much every year. I almost always have to transplant them, since I live at a very high elevation (7500') and it's cold quite late here. Transplanting works fine, but the older the plants are the more it sets them back. Try and transplant as early as possible. If the plants are already pretty big and bushy, they will just sit there for a month, not looking like they are doing anything, before they take off again. (I assume they are spending that time getting accustomed to being outside, and growing roots.) Also be sure and shade them, if you started them indoors, as the full sun right away can shock them too. I set plastic jugs full of water around mine, because it gives them shade in the morning and afternoon and the water helps them stay warm at night.

  3. Dee Kennerly

    Dee Kennerly New Member

    Hi, I have one plant right now. I used to have several, some bought, some given to me, but over time they disappeared. Last year I found the plant I have now, growing quite a ways from where the original plants were. I know some people have found plants in the wild and transplanted them, and there are places to buy seeds. Once you have them established in an area, they will multiply and older individual plants will spread two or three feet. They die down in the winter, but will sprout from the root base, larger than the year before. We don't eat them, they are extremely hot, but I like the way the plants look when they are covered in the tiny red peppers. Dee