doeling growth weights compared to dam weight

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    Do you ever look at your doelings and wonder if they really are well grown enough to breed? :crazy
    I have two doelings 7 1/2 months old. Annabelle is 80-85 lbs Alpine/Togg x Saanen. Her dam was 145 lbs. fine boned, heavy milking girl. Never caused me any problems. Healthy intestines (no cocci damage) at necropsy, just small compared to the Saanens.
    Misty Dawn is 95 -100 lbs. Purebred Saanen out of a 200 lb. dam. Dam was a virgin 2 year old 160 lbs. when I bought and bred her.
    Any reason with these weights - 80 + lbs- I should NOT breed at 8 months?
    They are properly dewormed, free choice alfalfa, some grain, good mineral, etc. I so do NOT want April-May kiddings, but just looking at Annabelle she's fine boned and it makes me second guess an October- November breeding opposed to a December one.
    What's interesting is that these two babies weighed EXACTLY the same for the first 5 months. Is this common for genetic differences to take awhile to appear?
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    I'd breed them both. The Swiss breeds just keep on growing when bred - management and etc all being good, of course.

    Fine-boned shouldn't be an issue as long as she isn't coming from a super heavy milk line. And for us, 1 year to 18 months really lets us see
    how big our girls are going to be - some take their time and end up the largest, others shoot up and then stop, and then there are a few that are long and leggy to start with and that is how they end up. I generally look at their dam to guesstimate what their final size will be, providig the buck is reasonable sized.

    Our yearling buck, Dream Weaver has just bloomed this summer and is 5 inches taller than our tallest most elegant doe, Kateri. I am expecting his daughters (spring kids 2008) to be a bit taller than their dams.


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    personally I would wait until at least 90 to 100lbs and breed late like Dec or Jan.