Doeling choking on milky cud... Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Shykid Acres, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    I saw my six week old doeling choking on something. She frothed with milk a little around the mouth and then started chewing. I came to the conclusion that she was spitting up some solid food to chew her cud and got some milk along with it. Is this something I should worry about or is this normal?
  2. Kaye White

    Kaye White Guest

    It can be normal. When they're first starting to actually learn to cud.
    You start worrying when they have froth coming from the nose and mouth, gagging, or choking. Then run grab a long lambar tube and try to dislodge whatever is causing the choke.
    :rolleyes Don't even ask me how I know this 1st hand.

  3. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Thank you Kaye. She did have a bit of milky froth around the mouth but she was fine. A minute or two later she was back to eating the alfalfa pellets/grain.
  4. J-Basqo

    J-Basqo New Member

    You could offer some baking soda too and maybe some probios. I had a buckling gag some frothy milk like that too when he was kinda bloaty.
  5. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Thank you Patina. I can try the baking soda but do not have probios yet. Will have to get some. She is fine now. I believe the diagnosis is that she is starting to chew her cud now and drew up a bit of milk along with it. She went back to eating solids about 2-3 minutes afterwards with no ill affects.

    Thank you all.
  6. pokyone42

    pokyone42 New Member

    we had a calf last year that drooled cud crud (green slime) for a few weeks, all down his chin and chest. It was gross, and I had never seen that before. I thought he was retarded or something.........but, he outgrew it, and is a fine looking steer now.. (this probably does not help you at all, tho, does it? lol) sorry. Just thought I would share...
  7. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Sally- That's okay. Thanks for sharing. :)
  8. Cotton Eyed Does

    Cotton Eyed Does New Member

    This is SO Weird. I had this exact thing happen this morning. One of my little boer bucklings started screaming out like he was in pain, I looked around at him and he sort of slung his head and coughed and frothy milk slung out of his mouth. He coughed and was acting like he was trying to swallow. Seemed to be choking. You could tell he was in some distress. I picked him up and turned him upside down and beat on his sides and stroked his throat and set him back down and he was o.k. Good idea about the lambar tube Kaye. I was thinking about what I could jab down his throat if that didn't work.
  9. Anita Martin

    Anita Martin Senior Member

    Speaking of choking. I had one of my active little bucks choke pretty bad a few weeks ago on dry beet pulp. I had put it out in the feeder for the adults, (the two bucks are dam fed) and saw that my bottle babies were having a problem with the nipple bucket, so I went to fix that, forgetting to add the water to the beet pulp. A few minutes later little Tobey was standing there with his head hanging down, and drooling and he just kept looking worse and worse over a few minute period of time. I realized that he had gulped dry beet pulp and it was blocking his tubes, but didn't have a clue how of what to do. I syringed him with kefir (don't have any idea why I used kefir), then when that didn't seem to work I tried to sweep his throat, but couldn't really feel anything. I didn't know if water would help or hurt but he kept going downhill, so in a final attempt at righting the situation I lifted him up by his hind legs and held him and rubbed his back and sides as long as I could. When I put him down he coughed a little, and I don't know if it was something I did or just coincidence, but he started looking better. He stopped droolilng within 30 minutes. I went to bed and when I got up the next morning, he was just fine. Close call. I don't EVER put down dry beet pulp anymore. (choking is messy).
  10. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    I'm glad mine only choked a little. Yicks! Those stories are scary. She is doing fine now.

    :) Thanks
  11. goatkid

    goatkid New Member

    These stories are reminding me of when Evette was a baby. At that time, she belonged to my friend. We took her to a show where they used wood chips rather than shavings as bedding. Apparantly, Evette tried eating one and we noticed her drooling. After the show her cheeks would fill up with hay when she tried to eat because she couldn't swallow it. We took her to the vet, who ran a tube down her throat and dislodged the chip. It took a couple days for the swelling to go down and her to swallow normally. I'm sure glad the vet was able to help her because she's the nicest doe in my herd. Kathie