Doe with mucous in diarrhea - need advice please

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by PattyS, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. PattyS

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    Hi -

    We have been taking care of a 3-year old doe for a week and a half while some friends are out of town. They brought her over a week ago Wednesday and she seemed to have adjusted and was doing great until last night when she began to have diarrhea. This morning, her stool is mostly mucous and she's off her feed. She picks at baking soda, and we are giving her probiotic paste. Her temp is 102.3, which is normal.

    Milk production is way down as well - I'm assuming since she's not eating much. It is extrememly hot and humid here, and we are trying to keep her in the shade and continuously providing cool, fresh water.

    I know she has been wormed, as have our goats.

    Looking for suggestions on what to do; our friends get home tomorrow and I want to do all I can for their girl!

    Thanks very much -

  2. whimmididdle

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    I would stay with the probiotics......not any grain, but would see if she will eat some Alf hay.

    Last time I had one to do about what you're discribing...I also broke off some elm tree limbs (twiggy stuff) with a few leaves on it, to give them.
    B.S. free choice.... plenty of you said.

    Seems like when I had a case like that, and I give them this stuff....they usually popped out of it in about 24 hrs.

    Best wishes, Whim

  3. PattyS

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    Thanks Whim -

    I've been checking her a lot - she's up on her feet, eating hay, so I hope she's going to be okay. I also have some of the goat NutriDrench - do you think I should give her some of that, as well as the probiotics?

    It's so nice to know that there are people here who are sincere and ready to lend a bit of advice when needed. I'm new here, and find myself checking the site several times a day and absorbing as much as I can from the wonderful folks here!

    I'll keep you posted -

  4. New Member

    Patty, wormed before she got to your place doesn't mean much with the stress of the move to your place. She doesn't know that she gets to go back home! Do a fecal and check her eyelids for anemia. The Famacha anemia eye chart is in goatkeeping 101. vicki
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    yep if twas me I would worm her again a B Complex shot , and keep up the probiotics
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    Mucous in the feces is a sign of cocci, Most of the time older does will not get cocci, but they can.. I would treat her for cocci just to be sure.. It certainly can't hurt...