Doe throwing up feed

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  1. When she was getting milked she started sliging up feed. any ideas? THANKS!
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    Mary Lou,

    Two things come to mind....

    First, could she have choked on the grain and then had to sling it out?

    Second, My good friend had a doe sling feed (actually upchuck) and she had somehow gotten poisoned. They put a boat load of activated charcoal down her (antitoxin might work too) and saved her life.

    I think Lynn had a doe do this, but I forget what the reason was or the outcome. Anybody else remember?

    If this was my doe I would drench her with charcoal to be on the safe side and then watch her like a hawk. Let us know how she is doing.


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    Stacy just had a doe do this and Vicki said check and make sure something isn't obstructing her throat.
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    :yeahthat and They can also do this when their stomach is too them baking soda balls will help with that. Watch her today and if you see her do it when she tries to bring up her cud that may be the culprit.
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    Yep, I've had this happen twice.. My DH seems to think that it corresponded to the ammount of rain we had and them being off of pasture for a time.. I think it's interesting that the two that did it are sisters. :really
    It happened for about 2 days, I kept offering them about a handful of grain, they would eat a bite or two, then just as I was milking, about the time they really let down, she would barf.. Now I'm not saying that throwing up or barfing was the right term as there didn't seem to be any forceful activity that preceded it, it's just that they ended up with stuff coming out of their mouths. About 2 days later, they were fine, still a bit ooky (if that's a word :lol but better.
    Why it's happening, ? I'm still at a loss.