Doe not feeling well, can't figure it out.

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Shereen, May 16, 2008.

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    I'm not sure what going on here, I'm actually stumped.

    Two year old FF, freshened a month ago has a doe kid nursing. Wormed with Ivermec day after she freshened.
    Has been producing well and eating well until today.
    Didn't want to come into the milk parlor, I actually had to go get her because she was laying down in the holding pen.
    Got her up to the stand, full udder, CMT was normal, milked her, she didn't touch her grain. Didn't even stick her nose in it.
    Temp at 7am was 102.8, lungs sounded clear, no rumen sounds or movement. Listened with a stethascope.
    Gave her 5cc fort Vit B, 1cc A & D, 3cc Bose, 30 cc MFO, 30cc Amino Acid drench (I know it's fluff, but I had some I need to use before it expires) 1 packet of emergency C and probiotics. Poops were logs. She was standing around looking like she was feeling pretty crappy.
    2:00pm temp 103 chewing cud and eating hay.

    They were out all day yesterday browsing, maybe she ate something funky. We started feeding hay that's a bit more rich, tested out at 15%, that's not that rich though.

    W/O a temp I don't know what's up with her.

    I also have 3 other FF that are not finishing all of their rations and their temps have been on the higher side of normal.

    The weather here has been crappy, really wet and cool.

    I feed a custom mix and AP 1-1/2# of each 2Xday.

    Any ideas??
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    Bet if you ran a fecal she is wormy. The ivermectin didn't do anything but aggrevate the worms in her, and make her tummy hurt, so she won't eat. Run a fecal, bet its time to retire the Ivermectin. Vicki

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    It would definately be advisable to do a fecal to see if the problem is worms. It definately sounds like a tummy thing. If not worms, it could have to do with changing hay. When we have cool damp weather or feed different hay, a goat or two sometimes goes off feed for a meal, usually the grain, they'll get soft poops and pass whatever was bothering their digestion and go back to eating normally. I give probios for tummy problems and be sure they have soda available. Kathie
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    We just had this with Titania (heavy milker that increased from 13.0 lbs/day to 16.5/day in 10 days). Almost exact symptoms (or lack thereof). We gave her MFO mixed with the Emergen-C and some homemade nutridrench (Polypropylene glycol, water, molasses, and mineral salt) along with B-complex and Probios. Oh, and Titania is 9 weeks fresh.

    Titania mostly looked miserable, although she did stretch a time or two like her gut hurt her. (She got banamine) That got me worried so I called a good friend who knows everything about goats and they said to just keep doing the MFO because even at 9 weeks fresh she is making big demands on her body and is toying with milk fever. The lack of calcium meant less muscle tone, which is why her gut hurt/she looked constipated. After the second dose of MFO she had these big log poops - moist, but big lumps.

    We offered her fresh browse - raspberry plants were the big hit - and she is finally digging into her feed and drinking her water.
    While she wasn't drinking we were also drenching her with fluids - at least 2 cups every 3 hours, just to keep her hydrated. Not much milk yet, but not too worried as she is definitely on the upswing.

    Hope your goat is doing better.


    I called a good friend who knows everything about goats and she said to keep up with the MFO
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    I also would keep up the calcium supplements but I also would get some fecals done and see what is going on. Ivormec is just abt useless in alot of places. people have gone to cydectin and then 10 days later with ivormec plus.
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    It may or may not be worms. Ivermectin is still working here in NY so it may be in Pa. But run a fecal to be sure.

    I have 1 who refuses grain on the stand but eats alfalfa. Now in the feeding trough she will beat everyone up for grain..go figure silly goats. Keep up with the calcuim and see if it makes a difference.