Doe not doing well since kidding

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  1. OK, I am wondering if you have any suggestions for a problem doe....

    She kidded 2-11. 3rd fresh doe, excellent milker the last 2 years. She started up in milk, but slowly. She went up to 7-8 lbs at a week fresh and is now decreasing, down to about 4 lbs. She was doing 15 lbs at this time last year! She has had 8 kids in her 1st 3 freshenings; all huge kids so maybe just run down but still she freshened in excellent condition and has lost weight.
    I've wormed her, clean fecal, Bcomplex, Probios, hot drinks, coat when chilly, tried calcium but she is showing no signs of hypocalcemia and it made no difference, her temp is good, appetite OK, but just not bouncing back and coming into milk. She had big triplet bucks, required slight assistance but a fairly normal birth.
    I’m racking my brain here. This is a good doe AND we need her milk badly :(

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    When you know in your gut there is a problem, even without a temp, I would put her on antibiotics. The only thing wrong is after kidding, so a tear, rip or infection...and all things that would be helped by an antibiotic, banamine.

    What's her temp? I know I take alot of temps after kidding, just morning milkings, just to see. Also I lost a really nice doe because although she had no temp...103...that I normally would do much about, I did know in my gut something was wrong, she laid around alot more, she wasn't milking well...and died of a uterine infection that was on the outside of her uterus, so no discharge when I luted her. Also since the number one diagnosing tool before being really ill is less milk, she is exhibiting that.

    Also don't forget her ears, her feet and her teeth. An abscess in the cheek or on a molar, even a dental point rubbing on her gum can give you a doe who is not eating enough to milk well. Vicki

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    I went in the hospital after being "off" for several days . By the time I went I could not walk . NO fever . Signed a general release for surgery .. turns out my appendix had been leaking for awhile and I was loaded with infection. I spent longer in the hospital for that than I did with an emergency c-sec.

    So my point is yeas she can have an infection and no fever.

    Hope she gets better .

  4. Thanks for the ideas. Vicki, I have checked her feet, just trimmed them, but will check the teeth. I keep thinking uterine infection but have held off antibiotics because of no fever (it has been 101) and no funky discharge,. I have given her Banamine twice on days she seemed more "off". I will start a round of Excenel on her, Banamine, probios, maybe just run calcium into her while she is on the meds and see if that turns her around. It is really frustrating me to see her not thriving.
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    I also give BComplex and probiotics while on antibiotics