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Hoping for some insight - I've raised dairy goats for many years but this is a first for me. I have a big Oberhasli doe who kidded about 24 hours ago. I knew her due date (which is actually today) because I hand bred her, but I suspected that she was not pregnant because she was not bagging up. Well, she surprised me yesterday morning when I went out to feed and I found her in labor. She struggled quite a bit and I had to pull the kid despite that fact that she only weighed 4 1/2 - 5 lbs and was positioned perfectly. Now this doe had a bit of colostrum, but nothing else. Baby is healthy and is frequently nursing but the doe has virtually no milk. Her udder is just a soft empty sack essentially. I have attempted to milk her and literally might get one or two squirts of milk from each teat.

As a side note, this is this doe's third freshening - she aborted her first pregnancy but was brought into milk and had a normal length lactation, then had healthy twins in 2021 and was an excellent producer. She was dry last year.

If anyone has any insights into possible causes or solutions I'm all ears. I will bottle feed her baby if I have too (and I did supplement her with colostrum replacer) but I definitely want to get this doe producing if possible!
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